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Darla Isaacson

Darla Tells Of Her Lifelong Search For Digestive Help

February  2013

“When I was an 18-month-old toddler, my mother ran to the stove and grabbed a pan of milk that was boiling over. I was close behind, and as she turned with the pan in her hands, I knocked into it spilling boiling milk all down the front of me. Third degree burns covered the right half of my body from my neck to my legs. It was a miracle that I survived, but a great many problems resulted from this accident. I lost a lot of skin, and to fight infections, I was given massive doses of antibiotics. This was more than 70 years ago when the importance of probiotics was not even known. Having lost most of the good bacteria in my digestive tract, I suffered from constipation and digestive issues from this very tender age.

Those conditions became my lifelong challenge. As a small child and growing girl my mother tried everything she could to help me with this, although nothing was very effective.

When I was an older teen I used herbal laxatives. Later I took senna every day for years, which was effective, but can (and did) create its own set of damaging effects over the long haul. With problem elimination, and extreme toxicity in my system, I was sick frequently.

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All my life I continued to try everything that came along to try to solve the problem. Every new product tried was one more faithful effort!

(Note from Carolyn:  These faithful efforts went along with Darla’s other, incredible faithful efforts as her personal life and the choices of others close to her had devastating results.  Divorce, remarriage, a blended family that did not blend well, and the suicide of a most wonderful son compounded with her health trials would seem to match up with Job.   However, these trials and the things she learned became a bedrock of faith and inspiration for those who have been blessed to find her writing and talks.  She has truly been a tool in the Lord’s hands.)

However, nothing (even massive doses of probiotics) helped for very long. I was taking five different products every day with poor results and was feeling quite desperate when I read Carolyn Allen’s Meridian articles that told about the tea, I tried it. To my great surprise and delight it has worked like nothing else in all these years!

Darla Order Now 650x250I have been using it faithfully since the spring of 2012, and couldn’t be more pleased. It is an important part of my health regime, which has always been difficult as a result of the accident when I was so young.

While it would have been wonderful to have had this earlier in my life, I’m so grateful for it now. I have never before endorsed a product, but this is one I really need to recommend. I encourage you to give it a try!

MARCH 2015 Update

The tea continues to work its magic, and I continue to be so grateful for it.  I did find it necessary to add a nightly Miracle Tea capsule to my daily liquid tea regime (remember, I’m a life-time tough case!) and that combination seems to be exactly what I need.

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 Because of previous experiences with other products I keep expecting the tea to lose its effectiveness, but it never has. I’m still having the same good results I had  in the beginning and the older I get the more important I feel it is to have this incredible help. I’m now nearly half-way through my 70s and even more grateful that I can cross problems with elimination off my list of health challenges. What a blessing Miracle Tea has been for me!

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