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Unique Flu Protection Tips From Pros

Nobody wants to have to deal with a cold or the flu! We've compiled advice from pros on how to stay well during this season, when so many around us are sick. Take care and stay well! >

Flu Shot May Only Be 10% Effective This Year

Happy New Year! Along with the new year comes a cold season, and unfortunately more sickness. The flu shot may only be effective in 10% of people his year, but the tea can help! >

Special Christmas Stories To Share

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We're so thankful for all of our wonderful tea friends and wanted to give back in the form of a few very special Christmas stories. Enjoy this season with your loved ones! >

Our New Granddaughter! Socks + Detox Christmas Offers!

We got a wonderful early Christmas gift in a tiny 6 lb package! We're so excited to welcome granddaughter Chloe into the world! And we've got some great gifts for you to give your loved ones, too. >

“Best Christmas Ever” Weight Loss Story!

Weight loss is on the minds of so many, especially around the time of year when parties, treats, and festivities seem to be everywhere. But there's so much more to focus on in this season, and we hope today's newsletter will help you do that. >

Ten Easy Tips For A Healthy, Happy December

It can be hard to stay healthy when the weather turns colder, but we have some tips for you! We want you to stay healthy and happy so you can celebrate the holidays with friends and family instead of nursing a cold or worse! >