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Kudzu: An Amazing Plant For Health

For so long we thought Kudzu was just a nuisance (especially here in the South!). But then I found that it's an ingredient in one of our new products! I was surprised to learn more about this amazing plant and can't wait to share my new knowledge with you. >

Must See Video: What’s Not Taught in Medical School

Our doctors are supposed to help keep us healthy. Unfortunately, we find that they're much more informed about treating problems than they are about preventing problems in the first place. Watch this eye-opening video today! >

Mothers Day Video! Can’t Sleep?

We've learned about a couple of helpful tools for combatting sleeplessness among other problems. See what these are and how they could help you with a problem you might be experiencing. >

Stress? Anxiety? Insomina? ADHD? Our NEW Product!

We just love finding out about other ways we can naturally support our health! We have recently partnered up on a new product that we're loving and we can't wait to share it with you! >

What Is Auto-Intoxification?

Sometimes people accept feeling a certain way or think certain bodily functions are "normal." But in fact, they are actually a cause for concern. Learn about auto-intoxification in this week's newsletter. >

Fish Oil/Omega 3 Supplement and Prostate Cancer Update

Many people take fish oil supplements. Bob has been taking them for prostate health. But we got some surprising information from Bob's doctor recently. See what we learned. >