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Dr. Miller Ten Tips for Sluggish Bowels

Our zinnias are popping up and Dr. Miller is teaching us more and more all the time! I overheard a conversation between Dr. Miller and a woman with a very sensitive system. He gave her some tips that could help with her sluggish bowels! >

Best BIG Sale Continues! 4th of July Piano Duet!

Happy Independence Day! We're very busy around here and with all the holiday festivities going on, we don't really have a full newsletter this week. But in the meantime, enjoy a 4th of July Piano Duet I did with my forever friend, Jan! >

Father’s Day Chocolate Banana Muffin Recipe

We're celebrating fathers this week! We've got some exciting news, and a recipe for a goodie that's going to sweeten up your Father's Day! Plus, get ready for a photo contest! See details inside. >

I wasn't able to share everything I had learned about Bentonite Clay with you last week, and there's just too much amazing information about it to keep it to myself! See a continuation of the benefits of Bentonite Clay here! >

The Tea For Open Wounds and Burns: A Must Read Story

Did you have any idea that ash from a volcano could have healthful benefits? It never ceases to amaze me how many helpful and healthy substances this Earth contains! I've been learning about Bentonite clay and I wanted to share with you what I've learned! >

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

It's Memorial Day Weekend, which means it's the unofficial start of summer! Have you ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth? Sounds like a place, right? Well, it's not, and its benefits just might amaze you. Read this week's article to find out more! >