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“Best Christmas Ever” Weight Loss Story!

Weight loss is on the minds of so many, especially around the time of year when parties, treats, and festivities seem to be everywhere. But there's so much more to focus on in this season, and we hope today's newsletter will help you do that. >

Ten Easy Tips For A Healthy, Happy December

It can be hard to stay healthy when the weather turns colder, but we have some tips for you! We want you to stay healthy and happy so you can celebrate the holidays with friends and family instead of nursing a cold or worse! >

If you've ever wondered if you can "get used to" the tea, or how to maximize the effects of the tea, this week's newsletter is for you! You'll never believe some of the tips that we have for you! >

It's always scary to find out a product that is so widely used can be harmful. But if you're like us, you'd rather be in the know than in the dark! Read more about the hidden dangers in baby and talcum powder. >

Pumpkins are for so much more than carving! Grab a couple of delicious, fall-inspired pumpkin recipes for delicious and healthy dinners and treats all year long! >

Sometimes we're quick to judge something that we can't see as not being there. If you don't see massive results from using the tea, do you really need it? You might be surprised at what it's doing, even if you don't notice. >