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Fish Oil/Omega 3 Supplement and Prostate Cancer Update

Many people take fish oil supplements. Bob has been taking them for prostate health. But we got some surprising information from Bob's doctor recently. See what we learned. >

Aging Skin and Bruising?!

There's an amazing ingredient in My Miracle Tea that helps your skin, but you can boost the effect by adding a bit more of it! Find out what that ingredient is and its benefits by reading this week's newsletter! >

Help for MS video + St. Patty’s Day Greens!

Did you know that one of the keys of healthy eating involves combining certain foods for maximum health benefit? Our article this week is an eye opener! >

Best Black Bean Burritos + Super Cilantro!

We love sharing recipes of our favorite foods and learning interesting facts about superfoods that work wonders on our bodies! This week we're excited to share about cilantro.>

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds and Fabulous Oatmeal Recipe

Both chia seeds and oatmeal are incredibly good for you. Grab our recipe for our favorite oatmeal that combines their goodness! It'll warm you up on a cold morning. >

Easy Tips for Stronger Tea and a Game Changer for Communication

Miscommunication can often cause a lot of conflict. This week, our newsletter is a bit different because we wanted to share an interesting article on a very simple way to enhance communication. Enjoy! >