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Help for Lyme Disease and Parasites

It's May and around the Allen family, that means birthday celebration time! You'll never guess how many birthdays our family has in May! Also, Parasites are something that we'd all rather NOT have to deal with! Luckily there are some things you can do regularly that can help you avoid situations that could cause you to get a parasite. >

Parasite Info Call! Mothers Day Video!

I love celebrating Mother's Day! My relationship with my mother was so special, and mothering my own children was such a blessing, too. Bob and I recently got to participate in a loving ceremony with lots of tradition! A glimpse at that and a call about parasites! It's all inside. >

Instant Help for Migraines and Stress Eating

Stress can affect you so much. Even more so when it leads you to eat at times when you shouldn't or to eat foods that you shouldn't. Sometimes all you need to have is a redirection. Read further to find 5 Food Mantras that can help you refocus your energy and avoid stress eating! >

We've been enjoying some new "guests" at the Allen household lately! Spring time is here and we're enjoying it so much! Did you know that your liver and your eyes have a connection that is very important? Read on to see how you can improve your vision by focusing on your liver!>

Easter Story: Constipation and a Brush with Death

What a wonderful and miraculous time of year! We love Easter and have been enjoying the season this year and remember things we did at Easter years ago. But we have a story we'd like to share that was a big scare for our friend and her son, who tried to cure a case of constipation. Read the story and pass along this life-saving information! >

Spring Cleaning! Leaky Gut and 9 Symptoms to Recognize It

Sometimes the most important spring cleaning you can do is within your own body! Leaky Gut is a problem that can wreak havoc on your body. But you can cleanse your body even if it occurs.>