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Easter Story: Constipation and a Brush with Death

What a wonderful and miraculous time of year! We love Easter and have been enjoying the season this year and remember things we did at Easter years ago. But we have a story we'd like to share that was a big scare for our friend and her son, who tried to cure a case of constipation. Read the story and pass along this life-saving information! >

Spring Cleaning! Leaky Gut and 9 Symptoms to Recognize It

Sometimes the most important spring cleaning you can do is within your own body! Leaky Gut is a problem that can wreak havoc on your body. But you can cleanse your body even if it occurs.>

Easter Bunny Fun … Without Sugar!

Even though Easter is about so much more than candy, many of us equate the holiday with lots of the sweet stuff. This week we take a look at an article that details what happens to your body when you eat sugar. It just might make you reach for some bunny food instead!>

There's been a long debate about whether microwaving foods is good or bad. We've taken a look at what the difference is with microwaving versus other cooking methods, and also whether you should be buying fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen ones. We're dispelling some myths! >

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And a Book Review….

Luck of the Irish to you! I've been visiting my grandbabies, including my new grandson! While I was away, I read Suzanne Somers' book, "Tox-Sick," and I just had to share with you what I thought about it! After reading it, I'm even more convinced that our bodies need our amazing tea. >

Help For Hemorrhoids, Wounds, Cold Sores and Eye Bags

We've known for a long time how good the tea is for your digestive system, but we've found that people are using the tea in such unique ways to treat all kinds of ailments! It makes a lot of sense! If the tea is that good for the inside of your body, it could be just as helpful on the outside! >