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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

What a long summer it’s been (with many blessings as well) for nearly everyone we know… and now the devastation in Texas.   I’ve been in touch with several tea friends in the Houston area who are safe and “optimistic,” and turning to prayer.  As are all of us!  We got hit with lots of rain last night as a “fringe of the storm” and lots of flooding warnings, but I think we’re all OK.

Last year Bob and I were blessed to help with the flooding assistance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s not until you see something like this first-hand that you have any comprehension of what it’s really like.  Our prayers are with all in Texas and Louisiana!  You can read about our experience HERE in an article that was published a year ago.

The end of summer and September mean a return to schedules … and HEALTH.
Rather than a real newsletter today, we hope you’ll take some time to review the good stuff at and (He’s got a lot of vegetarian recipes)… They will both have plenty of yummy healthy recipes for end of summer picnics and good eating to launch September.

JUST AS IMPORTANT!  Our End of Summer 10% Off Sale has officially started— 10% off ALL orders (including the trials for new friends/family you forward this to) PLUS 1 week free on 1 month and bulk orders.  It ends next Wednesday, 09-06-2017.

Autoship Friends:  We’ll include 1 week free with your order this month.

Wondering about the shelf life of the tea and whether you should order a large bulk supply at the discount?  We get it marked from the manufacturer that it is ” good for five years from purchase date”.  (We drive over and get it fresh from Dr. Miller’s facility at least once a week.)  Dr. Miller assures us it’s good for at least another 2-3 years beyond the manufacturer’s expiration date.  So yes, it’s safe to buy and have on hand for 7-9 years :0)



100x50-amazon-5-starsThis Week’s Weekly Winners For 09-1-2017 Are

Ominy Beckstead: 1 Month Supply
Susan Galloway: 2 Week Supply
Jodi Turner: 2 Week Supply
Patricia Carr: 2 Week Supply

If you see your name, please CLICK HERE to tell us and we’ll mail your prize!

Everybody else, CLICK HERE to sign up for the drawing next week on September 8. Don’t forget you need to read the newsletter and reply when you win :0)

I’ll be back next Friday, 09-08-17, with a full newsletter.  I hope you’ll forward this one on to family and friends who will benefit from the 10% Off Sale on the tea.

Be safe and have a happy Labor Day Weekend!


Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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