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Osteoperosis, Fosomax Dangers & Helpful Natural Alternatives

Building Bone Vitality

If osteoperosis is part of life for you or a loved one, I really hope you’ll check out the resources below.

I have personally had osteoperosis for many years, but thankfully NO BREAKS!  Here are my sources, and my story is below:

Building Bone Vitality

1.  This book: Building Bone Vitality by Amy Lanou and Michael Castleman turned my world around in 2012, or perhaps before.

2. www.SaveOurBones.com — an incredible website devoted to truths about osteoperosis that doctors don’t want to hear about, and all-natural resources and regimes.  Such a pretty, well-done, powerful website!

You can read my own story, published in 2013, which was five years ago. CLICK HERE.  That shows how long I’ve had it and how long I’ve been speaking up.  Since then:

1) We moved to Tennesee in 2015 where my first doctor here was so condescening about my all-natural treatment plan of defense that I knew we’d never get along, so I found someone else; and

2) My mother, with her own osteoperosis, passed away at nearly 95 in 2016. The osteoperosis left her so bent and stooped that she could really no long even keep her head up when she was standing. She was amazing with how she handled it all so cheerfully and well, but it was very hard and sad.

3)  I continue to do weight-bearing exercise and eat right with a whole-food plant based diet using the information from the above sources. That’s what we can cheerfully do! And I believe it’s really working!

4) MOST IMPORTANT: I keep telling people about the dangers of using FOSOMAX! Truly, If my doctors had had their way in my late forties when I was diagnosed, I’d have been on it for 8-10 years before they learned that it is very dangerous for long-term use.  (And even when they did figure that out, did anyone ever call me?  No …. they waited til my annual appointment and said, “Didn’t someone call you? — My own intution years before to not use it had protected me!)

Did you know there are actually FOSOMAX VICTIM lawyers? I found the following information from one of their websites.  It describes the jaw disease my friend’s sister has recently had surgery for, which links directly to fosomax. This has been very disfiguring for her, and they are not out of the woods yet.

Fosamax Linked to Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Also known as “dead jaw,” osteonecrosis is the destruction of jaw bone tissue. Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a painful, deteriorative condition that involves soft-tissue swelling in the mouth, infection, loosening of the teeth, drainage, and exposed dead bone. Treatment can be long and painful and can result in significant deformity. (source: www.corywatson.com)

The other major fallout from Fosomax is breaks of the femur, the longest bone in the body.  As I read about this, I’m sure this, or something very similar happened to my mother at age 56. Standing on the sidewalk visiting with a friend one afternoon, her leg snapped and she’d broken a hip! This was in the mid 70’s and she was actually one of the testers for fosomax, or a similar drug. Whether it was fosomax, or the osteoperosis that caused that hip break, we’ll never know … but isn’t it strange that a drug that’s supposed to address bone loss is linked to broken bones?  Why would anyone every recommend that to their patients???

Fosmax Femur Fractures

While Fosamax is supposed to help make bones stronger, there is mounting evidence that Fosamax may be responsible for spontaneous atypical femur stress fractures and fractures. The femur or thigh bone is the longest bone in the human body and extends from the pelvis to the knee.

These fractures appear to have occurred with no apparent trauma and have occurred after tripping (but not falling) over a rug, or from simply walking down the stairs.  Dr. Kenneth Egol, professor of orthopedic surgery at NYU Langone medical Center, said Fosomax bone fracture paitents had X-rays that looked like those of car accident victims. (source: www.corywatson.com)

I could go on at lengh, but there’s plenty more information on my previously published article, along with information at www.saveourbones.com.

This is enormously interesting and important for any of us dealing with osteoperosis!

So, as always, it’s up to us to be wise, be proactive, take care of ourselves, drink the tea and choose to have fun along the way with the beauties and wonders of this world and the lovely people in it … like YOU


3.  www.Algaecal.com, the all-natural supplement I shopped  and compared on for months and finally decided on.

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