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Nature’s First Aid For Summer’s Little Injuries: My Miracle Tea!

First Aid Article June 1, 2019

Nature’s First Aid For Summer’s Little Injuries:  My Miracle Tea!

As a follow-up to last week’s article on the best, least-toxic suncreens, it must be remembered that all sunscreens are loaded with chemicals.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them!   By just drinking the tea we will help our bodies pass those microscopic toxins, no matter what sunscreen we choose. Such a blessing!

(You can click HERE to read the full article about sunscreens at Dr. Axe’s website.)

As I thought more about the tea and sunburns through the week, it began occuring to me how many, many summer injuries and discomforts beyond sunburns can quickly and easily be addressed by the tea.  

The tea is truly a soother and a healer!  Just apply directly to the affected area.  Here’s how:

1) Use a cotton ball dipped in the concentrate and apply;
2) Put some concentrate in a small spray bottle to spritz on; or
3) Directly apply a teabag that has been soaking in the concentrate.

If you’ve got some time to sit for a few minutes with that teabag or cotton ball on the wound, all the better!

POISON IVY and RASHES:  In our early years with the tea, a woman told us about having acquired a terrible mold in her respiratory system from moving into an old house.  Doctors couldn’t get to the root of how badly she was infected, but the tea helped enormously once she got started on it.

Once again, like Atisa with the cough, some things got worse before they got better. For her, it was a terrible rash over several parts of her body.  It was miserable, but she was so sick from the mold that she was extremely faithful and kept drinking the tea.

It occurred to her, in her misery, that if the toxins could draw the poisons from her internal organs and blood, it should be able to do the same for her skin on the outside of her body.

She just kept spraying it frequently and soaking it at night with tea bags. It work ed. The tea also addressed the mold issue, asonishing her doctor and giving her an entire new lease on life.

That conversation has sparked my thought that the tea should be appled to all skin abrasions, burns, injuries and rashes.

We have used it for years and it really does soothe and help with the healing!  I think it would be the same for SHINGLES.

SUNBURN:  Apply directly to the burned and painful area as often as you’d like for fast, soothing relief and quick healing.  A spray bottle with the cool concentrate works great!

ALL BURNS:  The cold liquid is very soothing for all burns!  The properties in the tea that draw toxins and inflammation out of the internal organs will work the same for the skin and burns. This will definitely help infection!
We watched a friend with a bad, infected burn from a glue gun find much better relief and healing with the tea than from a doctor’s prescription. She even sent me pictures of how the tea worked for this burn!

CUTS, SCRAPES and ABRASIONS:  When my 90+ year old Mom was with us, the thin skin on her hands and arms tore so easily. There was always some kind of minor wound, it seemed.  Dorothy, another senior friend, told me how she caught her elbow on the corner of a dresser, which created a bad gash.

Both Dorothy and my Mom used the tea for all these wounds! We’d just wipe on the tea before applying the antibiotic cream and dressing. For the more minor injuries, my mom just used a little spray bottle and left the abrasions  uncovered.  It was amazing to watch how quickly those wounds healed. Almost by the hour, it seemed. I wish we’d taken pictures!< br />
For abrasions, you can actually USE THE TEA to wash the wound before dressing.  While it’s open and bleeding a bit, the tea will serve well as a way to wash and draw out dirt or foreign matter.

BUG BITES and ITCHING:  Oh, how we hate those little pesky buggers!  Like the sunscreen, so many of the topical preventative sprays we use are loaded with chemicals.  BUT! If you’redrinking the tea you’ll be passing those through your body without the lingering effects.

Applying the tea will also provide quick healing.

SUMMERTIME TUMMY and CONSTIPATION TROUBLES FOR ALL AGES:  Traveling, too many sweet vacation treats and the stress of disrupted schedules and taxing activities can really do a number on our digestive systems.

The summer is a very important time to keep drinking the tea to keep ourselves healthy and digestive tracts clean and f unctiioning.

It’s good to remember, too, that little ones need this help when summertime activities and treats become just too much for their little bodies.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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