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July 2016

Feature Article: Does A Cup of Tea Reduce Stress?

Does a cup of tea reduce stress?

Hello!  How has your week been?  Have you been watching any of the conventions?  This is a difficult summer for our country .... very stressful. Oh, Donald and Hillary -- if there was ever a way to get people to get people to talk loud and get upset, these two win the prize! Even without them… >

Hello!  How is your week going?  The cherries have been on sale here at our local Kroger store, and it's been a feast that we'll long remember!  Plus a trip to the farmer's market for lots of fresh veggies. Summertime is surely divine when it comes to eating lots of nutritious, delicious foods fresh from nature… >

The Tea and Sleep Like A Baby


How well do you sleep? Is it getting harder as you get older? You can always take a sleeping pill, but they always leave me feeling groggy. Here are some happy alternatives that will have you relaxed and getting your well-deserved beauty sleep in no time! >

Medical Doctors and Herbs — An Interesting Trend!

So what DO doctors think about the tea and herbal medicine in general? The doctors for most of our tea friends, pooh-pooh it, but at this time we actually have physicians ordering from us for their patients! Today's article documents a growing trend to respect and take advantage of Mother Nature and the individuals who know how to provide all natural, healing herbs. >