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September 2016

Many thanks to tea friend D. Carroll who has pointed me in the direction of "Peak 8" an amazing, 20 minute workout ... just 3 times a week for weight loss, energy, heart health, muscle function and more. I know you're going to love it as I do! >

The Tea and TLC Ideas for Dear Ones With Cancer


I got emails this week from Christine and Ariel, both who are experiencing cancer. I don't know their particular circumstances, but they both said the same thing: "I feel so much healthier and stronger during my treatments when I'm drinking the tea." Isn't that wonderful? What are the side effects of cancer and what can we do to comfort and help? Here are 10 Simple ways to love and serve during this trial? >

Magnesium: Magic in Minutes

Magnesium Magic in Minutes

Who knew?! The right amount of magnesium is essential for absorption of calcium Osteoperosis and a number of other health conditions are easily benefitted by magnesium! Here's a FREE eBook to tell you more ... and pictures of our trip to Louisiana to support the flood relief efforts there. >