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January 2017

2017 Is Your Healthiest Year Ever! Free Book Download

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So much of our physical health, and the motivation to take care of ourselves, is sourced in our emotional health and happiness. Almost like the chicken and the egg, it's hard to know which comes first! Today's article and free book download will help you progress with BOTH in this beautiful new year. The health stories today and the Complete Guide to Vision Boards free eBook download are both a joy to read, and to take some action on! >

Laughter Therapy For Health


Happy New Year! Ready to take on the New Year? Ready to be stronger, happier and healthier in every way? Here's a way to manage our emotions which have a very strong influence on daily health. Exercising "the happiness muscle" and laughing more each day strengthens and blesses our entire health system. The benefits and resources in today's article are surprising, easy and delightful! >