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September 2017

Constipation + Children = Stomach Aches, Fear, Embarrassment


No parent likes to see their children feeling bad, and constipation can be a culprit that wreaks havoc on your child and your family. The tea can help and is safe to use in all ages and stages of life! >

Learn how you can do a workout that's easy to fit into your busy schedule AND will help you produce more human growth hormone (HGH) naturally! >

Tea Helps Kidney Stones and Gallstones!


If like me, you've ever had kidney stones, you know how horribly painful they can be! But did you know that our miracle tea works miracles on kidney stones and gallstones, too? See how the tea helps and the recipe for blasting away those kidney and/or gallstones!>

10% Off + Freebie Labor Day Sale!!!


Labor Day may signal that summer is over, but our Labor Day Sale is just beginning! Check weekly winners and get a quick hello from us before we fire up the grill for some veggie kabobs! We'll be back with a full newsletter next week! >