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January 2018

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds and Fabulous Oatmeal Recipe


Both chia seeds and oatmeal are incredibly good for you. Grab our recipe for our favorite oatmeal that combines their goodness! It'll warm you up on a cold morning. >

Easy Tips for Stronger Tea and a Game Changer for Communication


Miscommunication can often cause a lot of conflict. This week, our newsletter is a bit different because we wanted to share an interesting article on a very simple way to enhance communication. Enjoy! >

Unique Flu Protection Tips From Pros


Nobody wants to have to deal with a cold or the flu! We've compiled advice from pros on how to stay well during this season, when so many around us are sick. Take care and stay well! >

Flu Shot May Only Be 10% Effective This Year


Happy New Year! Along with the new year comes a cold season, and unfortunately more sickness. The flu shot may only be effective in 10% of people his year, but the tea can help! >