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June 2018

ADD & ADHD … and Settle Down


It's difficult to avoid all toxins that could get into your body while you're pregnant. Unfortunately, those toxins can cause an array of problems after birth. Find out what you can do now and what could help later if you have a child with ADD/ADHD. >

Are Beef Cattle fed CANDY????


The thought of feeding cattle candy sounds like a hoax for sure, but read this week's article to get a bit more information about it. Staying healthy means paying attention to everything that goes in your body! >

Vitamin B5 For LESS Stress + MORE Brain Power!


B5 is such an important vitamin with so many health benefits - physical, emotional, and mental! Read more about its benefits and an easy way you can incorporate more of it into your diet! >

Kudzu: An Amazing Plant For Health


For so long we thought Kudzu was just a nuisance (especially here in the South!). But then I found that it's an ingredient in one of our new products! I was surprised to learn more about this amazing plant and can't wait to share my new knowledge with you. >