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November 2018

Grandmas, Gas & Farting 101


Shortly after Thanksgiving, my maternal grandmother would come to spend most of the winter with us. Funny -- well not so funny -- one of my most vivid memories of her is how smelly the bathroom was while she visited and the continual conversations centered around her painful gas. Today's article shares how the colon creates that gas and how to avoid it -- and stinky bathrooms. I wish I'd had the tea for her ... and the rest of us who had to endure her troubles in the bathroom.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes FREE PDF


Is there ever a thing as too many Thanksgiving Dinners? This week was the big Thanksgiving Dinner for our Vegetarian Club. This was a MEAL and an EVENING to remember! So delicious, so beautifully decorated, so much fun with people who love to eat healthy and deliciously.

My Miracle Tea for Healthy and Pretty Hair Skin and Nails

450x450 pretty hair

The Tea for Health ... and Beauty! Thicker Hair & Nail Fungus Remover THICKER HAIR:  We visited with our cute married daughter, Kelly, in Kansas City on the way home.  She is a cosmetologist and cut my hair.  She was impressed with how  very thick it is.  Every other person says the same thing when cutting both Bob's and… >