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June 2019

Best Way To Track Sugar? Just Read The Label + Simple Math

Newsletter Article 5_15_19

HEALTH FACT: There are two kinds of sugar: those naturally found in foods and those that are added to foods. I personally have a very difficult time managing the added sugars that are in nearly everything these days.  I need every bit of help I can get to keep that sugar monster tamed!!! I know I'm… >

Which Fruits Are Best For Our Health and Weight?

Newsletter Article 5-8-2018

[/one_half_last] Yay summer fruits! We love that it’s readily available, affordable and so delicious eaten fresh, rather than dried or in a juice (as we do in other seasons of the year) which concentrates the sugar content in quantum leaps. Health Fact: Not all fruits and vegetables are of equal value as far as nutrition and weight management… >

Nature's First Aid For Summer's Little Injuries:  My Miracle Tea! As a follow-up to last week's article on the best, least-toxic suncreens, it must be remembered that all sunscreens are loaded with chemicals.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't use them!   By just drinking the tea we will help our bodies pass those microscopic toxins, no matter… >