My Miracle Detox For Hair, Skin & Nails!

Make The Most of This Fantastic (And Thrifty!) Beauty Product

We all know and love how My Miracle Detox (also called My Miracle Tea) blesses health. While it is widely used for weight management, bloating, constipation, improved mental clarity, curbing cravings and increased energy, it’s also terrific for hair, skin and nails!

1) For bright and healthy skin, use as a tonery, herbal facial steam and for quick healing:

In addition to providing a healthy glow for your skin almost from the beginning of usage, drinking the detox will do a wonderful job of addressing skin challenges. We have many testimonials on how it has quickly helped with challenges such as psoriasis and acne.

HERE’S HOW: In addition to drinking this product regularly, use a little of the concentrate dabbed on a cotton ball and gently wipe your face after cleansing for a terrific toner! If you enjoy steaming your face, use ½ cup of concentrate in 2 cups of hot, boiled water in your face steamer. No steamer? Just pour the hot liquid in the sink and hold your face above it with a towel draped over your head and the sink to create a very nice herbal facial steam.

For quick healing of wounds, scrapes, rashes, blemishes and burns, gently apply the concentrate directly to the skin with a cotton ball or spritz from a little spray bottle several times a day.

2) Problem Nails?  Great Nails Start Here!

Many people have incredible results by just drinking the tea. Within a month or so, they notice that ugly nail fungus issues are clearing up and strong, healthy, pretty nails are growing in.

FOR FASTER RESULTS: Morning and evening, dip a cotton ball into the concentrate and swab the entire nail. Pay special attention to the nail bed, cuticle areas and the underside of the tips of the nails.

3) For Beautify Hair, Use My Miracle Detox As A Rinse!

Regular use of this product will result in vibrant hair growth! While genetics play a part, so does the care we provide. Local beauty salons here in our town use a half cup of the tea as a nourishing herbal rinse after shampooing the hair. Simply pour over wet hair, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes as you gently massage the scalp. This herbal rinse is so light and lovely, you may choose to not even rinse it out! Between shampoos, apply some concentrate on a cotton ball to your hair, or spritz from a little spray bottle and gently comb.

VOILA! The best and most affordable dry shampoo you’ll ever find!