Here’s A Neat New Way To Kill Virus Germs!

The entire world is truly in a terrible commotion over the Coronavirus pandemic.  The many reports, projections and discussions are  extremely distressing. With compassion for all involved, it seems that we, as a world population have another dread disease whose path is uncertain that we may need to accept as “it is what it is.”

The good news is, notwithstanding the sadness of the current deaths, the Coronavirus is not smallpox or yellow fever with their extremely high mortality rates. Only 2.3% of those infected with the Coronavirus have actually died. Most of these deaths are among older individuals with underlying health conditions.

At this time, there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus, although several groups are working on one.  National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci said that if research goes smoothly, human trials may begin in late Spring of 2020, but that it will probably be close to a year before anything is available.

So, we’re on our own.  We need to wash our hands FREQUENTLY, eat wisely and get our fruits and veggies each day, exercise and get enough rest! I urge us all to go back to the two articles I wrote recently for Meridian Magazine:

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Today I have a new (and surprising) tip that may be worth it’s weight in gold, though its cost and contents are more aligned with copper.

Did you know that it is a well-documented scientific fact that exposure to 100% copper kills germs and bacteria, on contact, literally decimating a population of bacteria?

It happens literally in minutes by causing massive membrane damage to cells after about a minute’s exposure.

A report by the National Institutes of Health In Washington, D.C states:  “Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces, and the term “contact killing” has been coined for this process. While the phenomenon was already known in ancient times, it is currently receiving renewed attention. This is due to the potential use of copper as an antibacterial material in health care settings.”

This fascinating article also details the ancient use of copper in the Middle East and China for health purposes.  (The link for the complete article from NIH  is below.)

The reason that copper is so effective as an antimicrobial is complicated, but chemist Vikram Kanmukhla offered a simple explanation. “All living organisms require copper to live. Humans need copper in their diets, and microorganisms also need a tiny amount, he said. If germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi contact large amounts of copper, they overdose, the cell walls rupture, and the organisms die.

You can read about the chemical pathways that make it happen in the links at the bottom of this article.

At this time, there is a great deal of research on how to incorporate copper into health facilities, mass transit and  amusement parks for use on surfaces such as counters, railings, arm rests and other surfaces that are constantly touched for reducing the transmission of germs.

Studies worldwide have shown that, with routine cleaning, when copper alloy is used on regularly touched surfaces in busy wards and intensive care units, there is up to a 90% reduction in the numbers of live bacteria on their surfaces. This includes bed rails, chair arms, call buttons, over-bed tables, IV poles, taps and door handles. Studies in three hospital intensive care units in the US also showed a remarkable 58% reduction in infection rates.

While all of this is fascinating, there’s something far more important:

How can we ourselves experience the health benefits of copper immediately?  Especially in light of the serious concern of Coronavirus infection?

Good news! There are some personal devices that are affordable and extremely practical that incorporate the benefits of personal, contact with copper!

For Hands: There’s a device on Amazon, a small copper rod or stick, that is designed to roll or hold between your palms to kill germs there.  It can even be a keychain for handy use  in addition to frequent use of hand washing and/or a hand sanitizer.

The link for the hand tool is at the bottom of the article.

Just as important – or even more so — the germs that cause illness are transmitted from the hands to the nose, eyes and ears where they grow.  So we need to kill them in those areas too!

There’s a neat little device at that is specifically designed like a little wand to hold in your hand.  You insert the wand extension into the nose and swab gently to kill those germs on contact.  There’s a lot of science to this product it and we can take advantage of these copper amazing properties immediately!

The only problem with it is that it costs nearly $70 — for a little piece of copper!

If you have purchased this at my recommendation, I’m sure you will benefit and not be sorry.

I was determined to find a way to have the benefits without the exorbitant cost and went on the prowl.  I quickly learned that there are really no competitors for the copper zap wand at

While searching for copper “germ killers,” however, I stumbled across something called a tongue scraper. I had never heard of “tongue scraping” but it, too, is an ancient health practice that you can read about by just Googling “tongue scraping.”  Tongue scraping removes bacteria, food debris and dead cells. It benefits oral, digestive and overall health.  I had no idea that tongue scraping could be so beneficial in and of itself!

When I found a 100% copper tongue scraper on Amazon for $8.95 that has a little narrow handle that could easily be inserted into the nose and ears to kill germs there, I knew I’d hit the jackpot!

I quickly ordered one for my husband and one for myself.  As expected, the tongue scraper is very easy to use as directed.  It’s equally easy to implement the handle extension for nose and ears, although this suggestion is not on the product description or packaging.

Copper Tongue Scraper on Amazon:

Copper Hand Sanitizer Stick on Amazon:

Just take the very narrow copper handle (it has a smooth, rounded end) and gently swab inside each nostril and each ear for 30-60 seconds.  There is no need to insert it too far or for it to be uncomfortable or dangerous.

The handle and scraper are easily cleaned after each use by holding it under running water for a second, then wipe with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, and then another quick rinse under water.

It takes 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Who can say for sure what will work and what won’t? No doctor can guarantee you won’t get a cold, the flu, or even Coronavirus  —  even when there IS a vaccine or preventative shot.  Adding daily contact to a well-know virus killer via contact with copper is an easy additional tool for our wellness arsenal!

The fact that NIH has documented the value of contact with copper is good enough for me.

As always, our year-round daily defense for keeping our systems purring like a happy kitten is our herbal detox that is so efficient at keeping our systems healthy, happy and trouble-free.

Well, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s more than enough information for today! Stay happy, stay health, stay well.

Love, Bob and Carolyn



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