Daylight Savings Time: Health Friend or Foe?

Why do we have daylight saving time (DST), when it seems like it is mostly a joke or conversation starter?  More important: Why do we even have it if it appears to be bad for our health? Here are links to three articles with  some very research I found that presents much scientific evidence for changing the clock once and for all and ending DST!

Maybe we don’t have much of a say on our clocks staying regular, so it’s a very good thing we’ve got the tea to keep our bowels regular!

1.  Yes, Daylight Saving Is Bad For Your Health. Here’s the Science

2.  Daylight Saving Time Has Long-Term Effects On Health
CLICK HERE — This is so interesting as it describes how daylight saving time messes with our natural sleep cycles. Far more than just “an hour difference” twice a year in the amount of sleep we get, it creates a misalignment in our biological alignment!

3.  Daylight-Saving Time Is Literally Killing Us
CLICK HERE — Did you know that heart attacks spike every year when we push the clocks forward?  And they DIP in November when we set the clocks back!  There are also more injuries at work, strokes and even a temporary increase in suicide the week after the early spring Daylight Saving Time.