Quarantine Weight Gain

It was birthday week at our house! I turned 66 last Friday and Bob turned 69 yesterday! Our little expression has been “We know the tricks at 66 and 69 is mighty fine!

Of course, there have been birthday treats and goodies. We add to that the strange level of stress … along with lots and lots of time at home that the current pandemic has brought to our lives.

It’s easy (make that next to impossible LOL) not to turn to carbs, grazing and general overeating.

But we get to decide when to take control!   Here’s what I’m doing that may be worth your consideration:

1)  A FITBIT!  Oh, how our bodies change as we age.  For my birthday and Mother’s Day, I asked for  I a FITBIT! I’ve never worn one before, but I so admire my friends who use them — many who seem to have a great grip on and practical consciousness about their health.  I so want to be a sharp, health-minded,  that Fitbit and keeps up with her grown kids and teenaged grandkids.  I urge you to think about this and will keep you posted on how it works for me.

2)  www.Amys.com. (We find her delicious meals and foods at both Walmart and Kroger in the freezer section.) This is a delightful website and an excellent freezer food/meal company to check out!

Briefly: A couple of weeks ago, I shared her awesome pizza that we put a pile of steamed veggies on.

Then for Bob’s birthday we traditionally bake a Stouffer’s frozen veggie lasagne.  But this year, looking at the labels, we knew we wanted something lighter and healthier.  So we opted for Amy’s veggie lasagne (from our Kroger Grocery freezer) and it was delicious as well! We thought it was better than the Olive Garden, and so much healthier!

For fun, I popped onto their website and it is a JOY. Like the Millers, and us, these are REAL FAMILY PEOPLE who care very much about their own health and those that they serve.

3)  Dr. Miller’s YOUTHIN and FAT BURNERS. These are great products that many of you order regularly!  If you buy them together (instead of individually)  for $59.95 you can save up to $15!

When you get to the order page, just scroll down. They are listed below the tea.

For this last week of May, I’ll even add one more FREE pkg. of tea to these orders!

Dr. Miller Fat Burner and Youthin

4)  A ZOOM Birthday Lunch!  I have some precious friends here in Jackson. We love to go out for lunch on each other’s birthdays. But this past year, two have moved … and none of us is willing to go to the restaurants that have started to re-open.

We saved a bunch of calories and money by setting up a ZOOM birthday lunch call on my birthday! Everybody was there. We talked and laughed … and agreed that while it wasn’t quite the same thing, it was a pretty darned good substitue and that we will continue to do that with everyone’s moves.

It’s easy to set up a ZOOM account and like it or not, this is where much of  life is heading. It’s good to know that we can still stay in touch!