Super Health and Beauty Tips With My Miracle Detox

You just never know what the tea can do for ANYTHING you don’t want to be there … like cold sores, blemishes, wounds, hemorrhoids or even dirty hair!

Debra wrote in that she makes a paste, kind of like an old fashioned
poultice, of tea leaves and a little vaseline and applies it directly to blemishes or cold sores! Just leave it there when you’re home alone or at night.

It reminded me of my sister’s experiences with …

She used to get awful, huge ones on the edge of her nose that would go deep intoher nostrils. Now, when she sees one coming, she applies cotton balls soaked in the concentrate.  At night she packs her nose with them, and the cold soresdo not develop!  They are stopped dead in their tracks.  Isn’t that something?

I don’t think she’s had a cold sore in years, now that I think about it!

Stan, another tea friend,  told me that he tucks used tea bags right into his bottom at night on inflamed hemmorhoids …. ahhhh!  Blissful relief and help for the
inflammation and swelling.  He wakes up feeling much better in the morning!  He says they work much better than the “Tucks” over the counter medication.

Linda added another beauty tip to her overall love for the tea: “It’s good to lay
the used teabags on your eyes to get rid of the bags underneath!”

My friend Sandra in Jackson had a terrible burn from a glue gun. She is battling cancer and her immune system and ability to heal is low.  She started wiping a little tea concentrate (with a cotton ball) on the burn several times a day.  The healing was so fast and amazing that she started sending me pictures (morning and evening) of the progress.

Then comes the tea for HAIR!  It’s a terrific rinse after a shampoo that will nourish the hair …. and another tea friend says that when she doesn’t have time to wash and style her hair, that she puts some tea in a spray bottle, spritzes it on, and lightly combs it through!  She says it works just great and is much more economical than the commercial dry shampoo products.

I just got to thinking that this could really be helpful for caregivers with invalids who need their hair washed.

Isn’t that awesome? Really, there’s no reason why the tea shouldn’t be our FIRST RESORT when illness or injury strikes!