Stress, Anxiety and Constipation: Info & Help

These are very troubling times! I have visited on the phone with several people this week who are dealing with extreme stress … and extreme constipation.  My heart goes out and I wish I had a magic wand to fix these things!  The tea and info here is the next best thing.

After these conversations, it occurred to me that STRESS may be a big factor in increased constipation challenges.  Many years ago my sister introduced me to a very powerful book called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.”  In this book, the author very dynamically presents easy-to-read information on how particular life situations and related emotions can directly impact specific health challenges.

This surely describes these historic, unprecendented times.

It’s a fascinating read that has become a reference source for me, especially after I was able to have several conversations and actually go to lunch with the author, Karol Truman. It’s a standard for many psychologists to give to their clients as a way to easily reprogram one’s thinking for greater personal peace, resolving relationships and improving physical health.

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She actually lists a large number of health conditions with their associated emotions.

She says constipation may be related to

Constantly fretting;
Unwilling to release old feelings and beliefs;
Resisting the flow of life;
Blocking what you want to say;
Feelings of anxiety;
Being determined to not let go of unresolved problems.

With all that is going on in our world, constipation is very understandable these days for all ages! Including teens!

Going beyond this, I found this medical information:

Bowel Problems During Stressful Times

TENSE MUSCLES: It’s not completely understood why, but it may be that being  anxious and stressed changes the way you use the muscles that control how you poop. It can also give you diarrhea because it changes the way your body absorbs certain nutrients. Your gut may be especially sensitive to stress if you already have IBS or another digestive issue.

(Just think about how your body tenses in other ways when you’re stressed, like your jaw or the back of your neck. It could be that the colon is affected in a very similar way.)

FORGETTING THE BASICS: Common things that affect constipation are dehydration, lack of physical activity and a poor diet.

Taking care of our own health when life gets stressful is often the first thing to go!  Watching the news and world around us erupt, it’s so easy to get stressed and succumb to the charms of unhealthy foods, we don’t get to bed on time, sleep quality is lessened and we forget to drink enough water.

Alcohol, cigarettes, foods high in sugar and fat can all increase the risk of constipation and stress.

HORMONES: In stressful situations, the body’s adrenal glands release a hormone called epinephrine, which plays a role in the so-called fight-or-flight response. It causes the body to divert blood flow from the intestines toward vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, and brain. As a result, intestinal movement slows down, and constipation can occur.

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The body may also release more of a hormone called corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) in the bowels. This hormone acts directly on the intestines, which it can slow down and cause to become inflamed. The intestines have different types of CRF receptors, some of which speed up processes in the intestines, while others slow them down.

INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY:  Stress causes increased intestinal permeability. This permeability allows inflammatory compounds to come into the intestines, which can lead to a feeling of abdominal fullness — a common complaint among people who struggle with constipation.

HEALTHY GUT BACTERIA BALANCE: Stress may affect the normal healthy bacteria in the gut. Research has not confirmed this theory, but many people believe that stress may reduce the number of healthy gut bacteria in the body, thus slowing digestion.

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Of course, we know the answer to so many of these challenges:
Drink My Miracle Tea every day! It helps with not only a healthy digestive tract and gut health, but mood management!

As with Dorothy above, we’re just NICER and CALMER when we drink the tea, but don’t forget that our anti-anxiety product, SETTLE DOWN, often helps a great, great deal.


The basics! Eating wisely and well, exercising and getting enough rest are more important than ever! And we can be consistent with My Miracle Tea.

Then we can:

Take a Settle Down Capsule or two (CLICK HERE)
Count our blessings;
Write in a journal;
Do a small task that’s been put off — It feels so good!
Take a nap;
Get outside — No matter the weather!
Watch children or animals at play, for real or on Youtube!
Call an old friend or family member and just chat;
Listen to peaceful music;
Play a game — solo or with others;
Watch a fun TV Program (We’re hooked on old “The Gilmore Girls” on Netflix!)

I’m sure you’ve got lots of ideas too. Write them down on a list and post where you can see it and remind yourself to just DO SOMETHING ELSE when it all becomes too much.

It’s a blessing to know that life comes but one day, one hour at a time. Have a great week!