Do You Really Need The Tea If You Don’t Have Noticeable Results?

While we primarily reach out to people with digestive problems or irregularity, and then the other conditions that are blessed with the tea … do you really need the tea if you do NOT have stomach or digestive problems?  Or any of the other things (bloating, swelling, allergies, nail fungus, respiratory, blood pressure ….) that the tea helps with?

What if you have NO health problems that you know about?  Do you need the tea?  Why bother with it!?

An interesting and rather long article from Dr. Josh Axe (my favorite “food rather than medicine for health and wellness”) addressed the issue of modern day toxins that destroy the body — and health.

The Toxins Around Us and How To Avoid Them
by Dr. Josh Axe.  CLICK HERE

He says:  I want to share a number that recently took my breath away: $340 billion. For the first time ever, researchers were able to pinpoint the economic damage caused by hormone-disrupting chemicals. Every day, I see how these common chemicals trigger haywire hormones. The list of side effects is unbelievable. You may be experiencing some of them yourself. So, where do we start? the best ways to keep them out of your life.

Rather than a lengthy book, in ONE article, he summarizes all the things that we are exposed to that NO ONE has protected us from.  It’s up to us to be knowledgable on what we put in our mouths, on our skins, touch with our hands, breathe, etc. 

Managing some of these toxins is controllable, (i.e., purchasing organic fruits and veggies grown without pesticides,) but much of it is NOT, i.e. the that plastics food are often stored in and the extremely toxic thermal paper used for the receipts from credit card machines.

All I can tell you is this:  The tea has been used for 30 years to eliminate the toxic effects of both medicinal and recreational drugs.  If it can do that, it can remove the toxins from nearly anything.  It is our best and most easy-to-use defense against the poisons that surround us — especially the ones we don’t know about and can’t see, taste, or touch.

I truly believe that the tea makes it possible for us to consume and touch many so called “toxic” items and yet be protected. Long term and consistent use of the tea, I feel, will put us in a completely different place of health as the days and years go by.

I urge you to read his article today for an informed understanding of the toxins that surround us each and every day. 

The Toxins Around Us And How To Avoid Them by Dr. Josh Axe

Whew.  While we can’t do or see EVERYTHING, by drinking the Tea we can go to bed each and every night, knowing we’ve done our best to guard our health and our futures! Even if we can’t tell every single day whether the tea is doing us any immediate good or not, time will tell that we’ve been proactive in ridding our bodies of the poisons surround us.