Nutritional Deficiency, Emotions and Mood Disorders

We’ve been sharing our wonderful Settle Down product since 2018!

Today’s article is my own interview with Dr. Maria Boldry of Colorado as we were first learning about and sharing with our Tea friends. Eventually we were able to meet her at her office in Colorado. She is a very kind, compassionate and knowledegable homeopathic doctor with a very large practice of helping people in unique ways.

She’s a terrific teacher as well, able to explain the body’s complex needs in simple terms that just make sense. Dr. Maria explains STRESS from the perspective of the body’s physical needs. She says:

The parmaceutical companies are racing to keep up with the demand for mood enhancing medications. Due to the lack of nutrition, which is needed by the body to create brain chemicals, the body struggles to keep all systems running in balance.  Unfortunately, medications are only a “band-aid” and temporary fix for most disorders fo the brain and corresponding organs.  The only restorative measure that can be taken is to increase the level of nutritional elements wihtin the body.

These nutritional elements come by way of nutritionally dense food, and by supplementation.  As the formulator of Settle Down, my goal was to get the body out of fight or flight by shoring up the adrenas with vitamins and also quieting the excessive neural activity in the brain with calming herbs.

Nutritional deficiency is primarily at the root of all mood disorders, focus issues, panic and anxiety disorders, sleeplessness, restlessness, ADD, ADHD, PTSD and Bipolar.

(Carolyn’s note: We continue to clap and cheer about as the best place to start eating better for body and mind :0)  Back to Dr. Maria …

The Adrenals

The adrenal glands are extremely important in helping the body deal with stress: be it day-to-day stress or trauma related to stress. A popular phrase that is associated with the adrenal glands is “fight or flight response.” 

This simply means that the body is prepared to move, jump, defend, exert, or retreat and run away from any and all situations that seem stressful.

There are certain hormones and chemical messengers that are excreted from these small glands that sit atop our kidneys. These chemical messengers and hormones are important to our survival. 

However, an over-production of them can cause the body to become anxious and agitated.

When the body is anxious and agitated, the fight or flight response from the adrenal glands is heightened.  

For some people, every thought that carries a sense of danger will cause a fight or flight chemical reaction in their body.  This reaction can be triggered from a perceived fear or a real life circumstance of dancer.  

In a person whose adrenals are overworked or depleted, real and perceived danger can carry the same intensity of fear and can trigger the response to either run away or stand and defend. The constant onslaught of these fears can create episodes of 

  • The adrenals are the most over-looked glands of the body in my opinion. It has become even more imperative that we begin a more preventative approach to supporting the very glands that keep us stable during times of stress.  

    Because of the lack of education and information regarding these important glands, I feel our society has become increasingly dependent on prescriptin medications for those who find daily life diccult.  Supporting the adrenal glands while at the same time calming the excessive brain neuron firing, to ward off th fight or flight response, was the sole purpose in the creation of this supplement.

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