The Tea and Colonoscopies: What You Should Know — Is It A Scam?

You, no doubt, have your own stories and experiences with colonoscopies. 

Some people and natural health practitioners feel colonoscopies are unnecessary and can even be dangerous with the potential of puncturing the colon.  We leave that decision up to you, but for ourselves, we will always follow our doctors recommendation for this procedure that can reveals polyps, diverticulitis, pre-cancerous conditions and other important information.

A good friend shared recently that it was during a routine colonsocopy that a tumor was found on her kidney that needed treatment.  Without the colonoscopy, they would not have known.  Another friend’s colonsocopy was stopped in the middle when they discovered a massive cancerous tumor.  He was rushed immediately into the hospital for major surgery. That colonoscopy saved his life.  There had been no indication of any problem.

Colonoscopies and The Tea

Within a couple of years after starting to share the tea, we learned that several people had been told by their doctors after the colonsocopy that their colons were very dark, and that they should discontinue the tea, which they were sad and reluctant to do. We have since learned that is very unnecessary and there is absolutely no concern for a “stained” colon.

We have explored it then with Dr. Miller, and then again when even Bob’s colonsocopy a year ago was perfect with no polyps or any evidence of anything … but it was dark.

“Do you eat a lot of vegetables?” The doctor asked.  “Yes!  A lot!” He responded.  “Well then that’s what this is.  Keep it up! You need those veggies and whatever else you’re doing far more than a pink colon!  Your results are excellent .. couldn’t be better!”

My own colonoscopy results were that the colon was a very pink, typical color. I don’t know why some people get the staining and some don’t.  Perhaps it’s the amount of tea, as some drink more than others.

In consulting with Dr. Miller and his wife Janice, who also has a fabulous understanding of herbs and the tea, her reply about the staining  was “Well, anything’s going to get stained! People who drink coffeee and tea expect it on their teeth.  The colon’s going to absorb some of that coloring as well.

Confirming our doctor’s opinion, we know this is right.  And not a big deal.

Are Colonoscopies and Colon Cleanse Products a Scam?

But there’s something else out there:   There is a strong controversy between the medical community and the natural health community that the need for a colon cleanse, using products such as the Tea, is a great myth, and a great waste of time and money.  Their belief is that products such as the Tea and colonics are a genuine scam on an unsuspecting public, and that the colon functions fully and effectively without any additional care.

Howard Hochster, Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at New York University  School of Medicine, wrote that products like the tea and websites are “abundant, quasi-scientific, and unfortunately convincing to a biologically uneducated public.” He also noted that these sites can be entertaining, but they are troubling in that they promote a belief that has no basis in gastrointestinal physiology.

We need our doctors, and must trust them, but the truth is that their businesses and practices are expensive to operate.  The drug companies have the funds for clinical trials to actually “market” diseases.  Herbal products, such as ours, usually do not have this science behind them, yet there is great value in exploring an alternative before a drastic surgery or medication that causes its own set of problems.

Doctors would not be able to support the costs of their insurance, office, business, etc. if they didn’t perform surgeries.  It would be wonderful if doctors would  reach out to actual patients where their lives have changed by this kind of alternative and find out for him/herself. 

As our health costs soar, (and who is paying for it? US with our exoribitant health insurance premiums!) I believe that health insurance companies need to wise up and at least recommend an attempt at an alternative solution prior to undergoing a surgery.  They would save so much money and the patient would be better served.

That even HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, such as mine with my last procedure, would be surprised with a plant based approach to healthy living, and further surprised that people actually choose to follow it, is indicative of how much needs to be done, in both educating and more importantly following the health programs that have such a huge impact on our health, obesity and  longevity. 

As far as the Tea?  Here’s a good summary from someone who is in the medical community AND makes cleaning the colon a priority:

“I’m in healthcare and I do work with Western medicine every single day!  To say that colon cleansing doesn’t work is asinine.  Keeping your colon clean is very important and yes, you need to cleanse about three times a year or so.  Why?  Well, if you don’t, you’ll probably get hit with diverticulitis.  Once you’re in the hospital, you have two choices, depending on how bad the diverticulitis is.  You get discharged or sent to surgery, another way to suck the money from you.  If you keep your colons clean, you won’t have to worry about diverticulitis or any other ailment.  Colon cleansing is not just about detoxing.  Its about taking care of yourself if your diet isn’t clean so you won’t have to go through what I just mentioned.”

She continues: “Western medicine has only been around since the 20’s!!!!!!  Yet, people think that science based medicine is the only method for healing.”

In the end, we each decide for ourselves.  Am I better with or without the Tea?

We are grateful every day for the Tea AND for our doctors.  Guess what?! As mentioned above, our doctors are plenty impressed with our excellent health … but we believe much of it is because of the Tea!  Would it be so otherwise?  Who can say, but we’re not going to STOP drinking the tea to find out!

At this time we have a number of medical doctors who buy the tea from us for both personal use and for their patients. They love it and so do we!