Today’s article is in perfect harmony with Falls Prevention Awareness Week:

Falls Prevention Awareness Week is  September 18-24, 2022 at the start of the Fall/Autumn season.  It’s a very serious matter that we all need to be paying attention to. It’s the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits. Falls can be more dangerous than they might seem. They can cause bruising, hip fractures, and head injuries.  These accidents have the potential to be fatal, especially for the elderly which means that they deserve extra attention to make sure they’re protected.

Fact:  I, like many women, have Osteoporosis, a condition of thinning bones that easily break.  A fall could easily change my life in less than a second.  No falls for me yet thanks to exercise, education and an awesome supplement I’ve been using for years. (Scroll below for my AlgaeCal links at Amazon or go to www.Algaecal.com.)

Fall prevention should be a daily top priority for all of us, especially as we age.

An Important Story: Several years ago, a Tea friend called to order more Tea and shared that she had badly broken her ankle.  She was on the lower steps of the carpeted indoor stair case at her home.  The doorbell rang and she hurried to get it … and slipped and fell.  It was the first of December and took such a toll on how they celebrated the holidays that year.  It took a very long time to heal.

I don’t recall if she was wearing socks, slippers or barefoot, but her doctor cited that as the main problem.  OK. That makes sense.  But do you really want to wear heavy lace-up support shoes IN THE HOUSE? Bob and I DON’T for a number of reasons.

1) It’s not comfortable. We much prefer bare feet, slippers or socks.

2) We have beautiful wood floors that we don’t want to mark-up with shoes or to bring in the dirt from outdoors; and

3) It just feels odd to wear shoes indoor for us after many years of making sure we take them OFF the minute we walk in.

Yet, I have osteoporosis.  I knew I needed to do something different but I hadn’t cracked the code on this until our trip to Branson.

Truthfully, I had done some online research trying to find “support slippers” but was unsuccessful.  Several of the friends I was with had purchased Skechers shoes and I went to the outlet with them to shop.

I had needed new walking shoes, so I bought a pair for that.

After I’d worn the Skechers a day or two for walking outside, I had my epiphany! Here’s the PERFECT INDOOR SHOE!!!! Just go buy a pair that’s strictly for indoors.  The SLIP-ON-NO-TIE style. Take them off at the door when you leave the house, and put them back on as soon as you come back in.  HELLO?! So easy! 

Then I came home and found a few articles promoting wearing shoes — especially if you’re over 50 years of age:

4 Reasons To Wear Shoes In The House If You’re Over 50
Wearing Shoes Inside Is Recommended by Doctors

A Ha!  I got it! I’m doing it!

This week I marched on back to the Skecher’s Shoe Store close to our home and BOUGHT A SECOND PAIR JUST FOR INSIDE THE HOUSE. They slip on like slippers. They’re comfortable.  I bought a neutral color that makes it look like I’m still barefoot and not wearing clumsy shoes indoors.  I feel GREAT! There’s more energy and more reason to STAND UP STRAIGHT!

I am wearing them anytime I’m not outside, and it’s a RELIEF to have this serious concern addressed in an easy, affordable and powerful way.

I did find some great articles that are linked below, but in a nutshell:

1) Wearing shoes in the house supports and protects our feet and promotes better posture … to prevent back, leg and hip pain.

2) Many serious fall injuries are caused by walking bare foot, or wearing flimsy slippers or slippery socks in the house.

3) Regular floors do not have a “give” to them. They are hard, flat surfaces.  A rubber sole absorbs that shock with every step.
We can avoid painful PLANTAR FASCIITIS just by providing support for our feet with proper shoes!

Why I love my Skechers:

1) Memory Foam forms a beautiful, soft cradle bed for your foot that is quickly customized.

2) They are breathable so your feet don’t get hot.

3) There are styles that do not require tying on, so they slip on quickly like slippers.

4) The support is superior.

5) The rubber sole is skid resistant.

6) My toes are protected from bumps.

7)  They are washable, so if they get stinky or something spills on them, no big deal.

I hope you’ll take some time to read these articles and invest in some dedicated, quality indoor shoes!

4 Reasons To Wear Shoes In The House If You’re Over 50
Wearing Shoes Inside Is Recommended by Doctors