The Magic of Liposomal of Vitamin C

If bone health and strength is a priority for you, please DO NOT MISS this article on a recent study regarding the value of good old Vitamin C to prevent bone loss! It’s not NEW news, but most doctors will not be up to speed on it.  Why? Most are simply too busy!

What is not mentioned in this article, however, is that the potency of Vitamin C breaks down in the body’s digestive processes.  We’re not absorbing NEARLY AS MUCH AS the dosage on the bottle. For that, we need it providedin a little coating that will allow it to be processed through the digestive tract without losing its potency.

This is really fascinating and IMPORTANT.  After publishing this article a couple of years ago, I got a letter back from a woman who had figured out that getting enough VITAMIN C through the Liposomal form was the KEY to several health issues that had been challenging her.

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