Chris (and KATHY!) Beat Cancer

Several years ago, on one single morning, I got two separate phone calls from two women. Both had been dealing with cancer and were in remission. Both needed more Tea and felt the Tea had been extremely helpful for both their treatments and the associated side effects of those treatments.

Was it a coincidence that BOTH mentioned (independently and within hours of each other) that a huge part of their healing journey had been a young man and his website: I don’t think so.

I signed up for the newsletter and have been a follower (andhave  shared his info whenever possible) ever since.  This bright new January is the PERFECT time to refresh and reconnect with this information for a happier, healthier life both immediately and in the future.

Chris advocates plant-based nutrition, essential supplements, faith and meditation.  His own cancer recovery story is extremely inspiring!  In the years since, he continally adds additional success stories and interviews from individuals who have used his holistic, nutritional and mindful living approach for their own healing.

This fresh new January, he could add my dear friend Kathy.

About a year ago, Kathy (age 62) learned that her breast cancer had returned.  This time she decided to take it on with strict nutritional intervention following  She learned a lot. She lost a lot of weight. She found all kinds of new recipes/foods to eat and enjoy. She felt (and feels) extremely empowered — and healthy!

In June of 2022, at her 6-month check-in, she learned that the tumor had not grown.”  She was a little disappointed, but figured that this was actually GOOD NEWS.  “A cancerous tumor’s job is to GROW.  Since it was NOT growing, I decided that I was doing OK and gave it another 6 months of following my decision.”

Just before Christmas, at her next 6 month check-up, the mammogram showed that the TUMOR WAS GONE!!!!  Needless to say, she is thrilled and at a completely different place healthwise, knowledgwise and life-style wise.  She is “good to go” for another 6 months.

It’s information for EACH of us! In visiting with Kathy yesterday, she stressed, “Everybody should read his book, Chris Beat Cancer.” There’s so much essential information that NO ONE is going to provide for us.

We agreed: Doctors don’t have TIME and very few are even TRAINED to provide this type of approach and information.  You really have to be your own doctor and go to THEM with your own findings and research to get the treatment that’s right for you.

I am on Chris’s newsletter at This week’s post is just too good not to pass on in its entiretly along with the links to his favorite interviews of 2023:

Happy New Year From Chris Wark:

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the events of the past year. It’s a time to celebrate your victories and rejoice in your successes.

It’s also time to be honest with yourself about your shortcomings.

But don’t beat yourself up. That’s not useful.

Mistakes teach us what not to do. And make us wiser.

But people who don’t learn from their mistakes don’t grow.

They stay stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior.

The same applies to people who think they know it all and don’t make time to learn from others.

That’s why I take the time to interview survivors, doctors and experts and share them with you. I’m still learning and growing, and I hope you are too. 🙂

2022 was chock full of fantastic interviews.

Not counting survivor interviews, which I already shared with you a few days ago, here are some of my most popular interviews of 2022. If you haven’t seen them, I hope you will make time. This wisdom does not expire!

Dr. Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief
Dr. Bernie Siegel – Love, Medicine and Miracles
Dr. Steven Eisenberg – Love is the Strongest Medicine
Dr. Russel Reiter – The Miraculous Benefits of Melatonin
Dr. David Hanscom – Healing Back Pain and Preventing Unnecessary Surgery
Doug Evans – Sprouting for Optimal Health
Dr. Alan Goldhamer – Healing with Water Fasting

I raise a glass of carrot juice to you…

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2023

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”—Albert Einstein

I hope we’ll all take the time to create some new health habits with this dynamic approach … and WOO HOO Kathy! So happy for you!