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Aging Skin and Bruising?!



Article: The Tea and Persimmon Leaves for Improved Health and Aging Skin!
It’s Far More Than A Remedy for Discomforts!

Hello and Happy Easter!  We hope you are ready to enjoy a special time. I  apologize for no newsletter last week. Our road trip to Utah and time with family became number one last weekend.

Here’s our newest granddaughter Chloe at 3-months!  We were able to spend an entire day with her this week.  She and her cousins will all be here for a family Easter party in our new Utah home.  We know your kids and grandkids are just as cute!



For our LDS friends and anyone looking for a very special Easter morning, look for us to be waving to you from the Sunday morning session at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City!  Yup, we’ll be there in person! Easter is a precious time and we love it all.

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Next week brings tea parties with some of our Utah tea friends and we’re really looking forward to that!  Then we’re heading home to Tennessee on the 7th.

We are all blessed with the tea for so many reasons. We promote it as a cleanser and a natural healer for health challenges.  But visiting with Dr. Miller and his extremely knowledgeable wife Janice teaches us more: The tea is a health BUILDER and BEAUTIFIER!

Today’s article zeroes in on the incredible nutrients of the persimmon leaf in the tea.  As a funny side note, Dr. Miller was inspired to add the persimmon leaves based on watching raccoons devour persimmon leaves from the trees in his own yard.


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A wonderful man called to order tea this week, having learned about the tea through a Facebook friend. This friend has had extreme acid reflux for many years, using Prilosec to supposedly help.  It had not worked and the acid reflux plus the extended use of Prilosec had developed into a bleeding ulcer.

This friend had then found the tea. The tea not only healed the bleeding ulcer heal, the acid reflux is now gone too!

Isn’t that amazing?


Our BYU team who has been helping us with making the tea more available for travelers and missionaries has knocked it out of the park! They were selected by their professor to present this project to the entire set of classes, about 400 students.  We are so proud of them and the work they’ve done.  It looks like we’ll soon start placing it in Missionary stores here in Utah!  More later on that.


Persimmon Leaf Magic!  Nutrition Boost, Strengthens Blood and Capillaries, Helps Aging/Bruising Skin!

Before we moved to Tennessee, I had thought of persimmons as quite exotic, based on the price at the grocery store. But they are actually quite common here! The fruits are not the big, luscious ones you would buy at the store, but still sweet and yummy when they are ripe.

I learned in a visit with Dr. Miller that he got the idea for putting persimmon leaves into the tea by watching the raccoons eat them.  He knew the raccoons wouldn’t be eating them so actively without a very good reason.  For many years, the Millers owned the persimmon trees and harvested the leaves for the manufacturing of the tea.

“We had quite a job protecting the leaves from the raccoons!” he joked with me one day.

Persimmon leaves are extremely beneficial from a scientific point of view that the raccoons thoroughly documented from Dr. Miller’s front porch view and personal observations!

Persimmon leaves are high in fiber and they contain tannins which can help digestion.

They also possess pro-vitamin C which is not destroyed easily by heat, allowing the vitamin C to survive the brewing process.

In Chinese Medicated Diet, a textbook in a series published by the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, persimmon leaf tea is recommended for bleeding under the skin or bruises resulting from trauma), nosebleeds, bleeding gums, blood in the urine, irritability, red tongue with yellow coating, and a rapid pulse.

Persimmon leaf tea may help with these things because it strengthens blood capillaries as the Rutin helps prevent arteriosclerosis (fragile capillaries).

Flavonoids lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

No wonder we feel better when we drink the tea!

In the 1980s, the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that persimmon leaf tea contains a large quantity of Vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, choline, carotenoids, and amino acids. In addition, the tea contains magnesium, manganese, titanium, calcium, phosphorous among others.

Additional research has shown that drinking persimmon leaf tea promotes a healthy metabolism!

According to Japan’s “Longevity” magazine, drinking persimmon leaf tea can prevent melanoma.

The tea’s health benefits generate anti-cancer and anti-influenza virus interferons.

Persimmon Leaf Skin Treatment for Bruises and Aging Skin

While My Miracle Tea is terrific and has a strong concentration of persimmon leaves already, you may want to brew tea with a stronger concentration of the persimmon by simply adding 1 tsp. of persimmon leaves to a cup of My Miracle Tea.

Allow it to stand overnight. Drink a cup or more of the tea daily.

Fill a spray bottle with cold persimmon leaf tea and use it as a cooling skin spray!

Add this special brewed My Miracle Tea with persimmon leaf added to aloe vera gel and apply it with sterile cotton to clean skin.

Avoid applying any skin preparation or cosmetic that contains alcohol or fragrance, often made using alcohol as a preservative, because alcohol can weaken blood vessels.

So there you go! Awesome information!  It makes me want to head to the health food store for some persimmon leaves to boost the tea.

Please have a wonderful Easter weekend and know how very much we appreciate you,  Lori.  I’ll be back next weekend with just a short newsletter and weekly winners, as we’ll be on the road to return home.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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