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Amazon Reviews for My Miracle Tea


800x350-amazon-logo-testimonialWow! It is humbling to read these from people who have searched for constipation relief and a detox tea that really works ….

100x50-amazon-5-starsSevere Brain Fog (Sarah –  Dec. 24, 2014) Growing up I always suffered with severe constipation, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom for a week and it was miserable. I also battled acne, had skin lesions everywhere on my body and scalp to the point where I would stick to my bed sheets and was dependent on steroids. I had to quit my job and couldn’t eat without falling asleep. In college I would have severe brain fog to the point where I couldn’t write papers anymore…and After a year of being pretty much bed ridden I ended up having Candida, Parasites, and Leaky Gut due to a mix of a bad lifestyle, birth control, and stress. I had to go for months of colonics, eat raw vegan..the whole shebang, lost some of my vision, but I have to honestly say I never noticed such a HUGE and immediate difference until I was recommended this tea. My stomach was constantly bloated before and now is smooth and flat, visions back better than ever.. My digestion has had some serious improvements ..being the christmas season I haven’t had chocolate in over 3 and a half years.. this year I ate was able to tolerate it with no hive rashes or immense brain fog slowing me down. My fellow females KNOW how important chocolate is..haha.. My hair is starting to grow back which was really difficult to watch clumps come out for being a girl of 24. My skin texture has improved as well, and I go to the bathroom regularly 3 times a day. The tea actually tastes similar to a basic black herbal tea and is esp. tasty with honey and a little lemon. I plan on staying on this tea the rest of my life instead of ever buying hundreds of dollars worth of supplements again. If you’re looking to get this tea I would give a double thumbs up. It improved my life in more ways than I can ever say and am so grateful for the wonderful family who brought this into existence for people to improve their quality of life so drastically.


Dealing With Colitis (Mrs. A- March 2015)
March 2015 
I bought this from you you for my husband who has colitis we’ve tried everything with prescriptions a lot of doctor visits diets and everything this out beats all those expensive prescriptions at the doctors have been prescribing him. We’ve tried everything, after purchasing this it has made a huge difference he no longer has the dying stomach pains after eating or anything he sleeps better this is the only thing that I run across that has helped, this is truly the miracle Tea . This stuff really works.

100x50-amazon-5-starsHaven’t Had Any Migraines Since Starting The Tea(Sarah BP – Sept. 2014)
I  don’t care much for the taste because I’m not a ‘tea’ person. But I add it to juice and drink it every morning and it works fine. I haven’t had any migraines since I starting drinking the tea and I no longer have to worry about consistent constipation. Thank you for a great natural product.

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