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“Best Christmas Ever” Weight Loss Story!


Worried About Holiday Weight Gain? Not After You Read This Story!
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Anyone who thinks that healthy eating has to go out the window for the holidays is impossible should google Vegetarian holiday recipes.  What fun!

My article from last week’s newsletter, “10 Easy Ways For A Healthy and Sane Christmas” has now been published at Meridian Magazine.  It’s easier to print from their website.  CLICK HERE or use this link:
https://ldsmag. com/ten-easy-ways-to-stay-healthy-and-sane-during-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year/

Enjoy today’s newsletter!  Especially the amazing “Chats” section. We are humbled and grateful to share what we have with you.  And if you’re worried about gaining weight, I know you will appreciate and “get a grip” with the meaningful story I’m sharing below!


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We have heard from a number of people this week about what the tea has done for them.  How we thank you for passing along the brochures and cards that we send with your orders!

1)  An “early 60’s” gentleman who frequently travels internationally for business has been using the capsules faithfully for at least 3 years.  He actually uses two rather than one with his sluggish system.  His recent colonoscopy was remarkable!  His doctor told him that he had the “colon of a twenty-year-old man.”  Amazing!

2)  A lovely woman who purchases our product from Amazon has battled constipation due to Crohn’s Disease much of her life.  A hospital stay every 6 months and much difficulty and pain that affects the quality of her every-day life have been her life for many years.

The tea has changed all of that! She is astonished with her new, improved level of health and ability to join in the fun of everyday joys.

If you know anyone with Crohn’s Disease, please reply to this email and I will forward her letter to you.

3)  Perhaps the sweetest story of all this week is from a local friend.  I sat next to her in Church last week,  the day before her third baby was due.  Very anxious to have her baby girl the next day, on her due date, I told her that the tea was great for childbirth and delivery.

She was open to that and took some home with her.  I told her to prepare the tea in the amount prescribed for “the extreme constipation trick”: Boil 16 oz. of water. Add the 2 tea bags. Let it sit for 4-6 hours.  DO NOT DILUTE.  Drink it warm and slowly over 10 hours.

She made it on Sunday but didn’t drink it slowly.  Rather, she drank it all at once before her doctor’s appointment on Monday morning.  At the appointment, the doctor stripped her membranes and said, “I was pretty aggressive.  Don’t be surprised if your water breaks.”

Between the tea and the stripped membranes, her water broke at 10 PM that night.  It was a beautiful, easy and wonderful delivery.  With just the right timing for an epidural,  her baby girl was born at 3:00 AM.  Her comment was “Oh, if all deliveries could be this beautiful!  I’d happily do it again!”

She was equally thrilled with how, thanks to the tea, she was able to easily have that first bowel movement that is often so horrible after delivering a baby.

HOORAY! We have a new grandbaby due in ten days, and our daughter-in-law is most open to this for her first experience delivering a baby.

I encourage you to share this story with all expectant mothers.

It’s not the first time we have learned how helpful the tea is for labor and delivery.   In fact, last week I visited with a nurse — one of Dr. Miller’s good friends — who confirmed how medically helpful the tea is for childbirth.

Today’s Article

“Light The World” and “Best Christmas Ever For Weight Loss”

Christmas is the most wonderful and often the most challenging time of the year.
I am so grateful to share the series of videos at the link below to help us be our best.  One “Light the World” a day video, and serving in the quiet way suggested will be the best tip ever for feeling good … inside.

These activities will give us the confidence and good mood that often tend to help us make better food and health choices!  Why turn to donuts when sad “family/finance/career” issues bring on the Christmas blues as they often


The other thing I wanted to share is a story that I found a couple of years ago.  It is the experience of a young mother who has a huge following as she shares making the most of life every day … regardless of what you weigh!  (You can see her at www.SarahJenks.com) Her personal obsessions of letting the number on the scale and/or a dress size was greatly interfering with life itself.   She cracked the code that the principle of simply being grateful and happy enjoying whatever life serves up on your personal plate is the best diet of all.  Her mantra is “Live More! Weigh Less” Simply by being happy and letting A GRATEFUL LIFE fill you and your thoughts instead of  FOOD as a poor substitute.

As you read the story below, I know you’ll be reminded as I was that the healthiest things we can do is to seek out and celebrate the good things in our life and quietly serve when and where we can. Christmas can and should be about more than stressing over our health and weight!

Here is Sarah’s Beautiful Story

My husband Jonathan and I were out to get our Christmas Tree at Delancey Street, a halfway house for ex-convicts and drug addicts where they learn valuable skills for being great members of society.  When I walked in, I was acutely aware of all the large, tattooed, scarred, burly men. You could tell that these guys have really been through it.

But these were the most warm, polite, inviting men I have ever encountered. They greeted me warmly, showed us all the best trees and were so fast and efficient (very out of character for San Francisco).

The 50-something, 6 foot 5 inches, 250-pound man who was helping us, we’ll call him Jim, offered to tie our Christmas tree to our car, and we took the opportunity to ask him some questions about Delancey Street. With impeccable eye contact and a slow, strong, low voice, he told us that he had been at Delancey Street, at that time for 21 months and before that he had been in and out of jail his whole life. Just before he came to Delancey he was facing a life sentence.

Jim had been spending that year working at the Delancey Street Cafe as their chef where he had discovered his love of cooking and hoped to get a job at a top restaurant as a butcher within a few months. He also mentored other members of Delancey Street and ran their interview program. He told me, “I honestly could have never imagined how amazing my life could be. I’m working hard, I have amazing friends and I’ve never been happier. Delancey changed my life.

As he was telling us how grateful he is to Delancey, I could see some tears welling up to match the black tear tattooed on his face. As you can imagine, my face was soaked. I was so moved by this man’s story and so grateful that he took the time to share a piece of his story with us. In the car on the way home I realized two things:

1. People have much more serious problems than too-tight jeans.

2. These are the exact moments I used to miss for so many years because of my preoccupation with weight.  You see, it used to be that over the holidays, all it would take was one unflattering photo or two too many sugar cookies to send me into a downward spiral of self-hatred and criticism. 

This broken record of self-imposed emotional abuse was so loud that I couldn’t hear, see or appreciate what was going on around me. I missed the moments.  I also tried so hard not to feel anything, so that I avoided feeling the depth of my despair around my body. We think that this broken record keeps us “in-check” and “in control” of our eating, but the reality is that the misery it creates, just sends us wanting more cookies and eggnog for a jolt of happiness.

Thinking about your body is not going to change your body. Paying attention to the moments will, because they remind you of what’s really important and who you truly are.

Regardless of your holiday plans this year, I want you to pay acute attention to the moments and really engage in them. I want you to get out of your head, and into your life. I want you to enjoy the food, really enjoy it and enjoy the moments. When you’re soaking in all the amazing moments, you will be so fulfilled with joy and love that you’ll need way less Christmas cookies.  

Christmas isn’t about how many cookies you ate, how your clothes are fitting or the number on the scale.

It’s about asking your Grandmother about her childhood, watching your baby cousin open her first present, performing your amateur rendition of the Nutcracker, giving a homeless person a warm blanket, remembering the stories behind your ornaments, making snow angels and looking into the eyes of the person you love.

Christmas is a time to remember that life is so much more than gaining and losing the same 15 lbs.

Isn’t that an amazing story?  Well, that’s definitely enough to inspire us and keep us centered for the next week or so!  Have a safe and happy weekend!

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