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Bounce Your Way To Health Lymphatic System Cleanse

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Lucky you if you already have a rebounder!  But if you don’t Bounce Your Way To Healthhave rebounder, just stand with your knees slightly bent, and gently lean forward from the waist.

Pretend you’re on a mini-tram, and just gently bounce for several minutes. You might find your want a real rebounder, as they have health benefits that can’t be duplicated anywhere else:

The human immune system is a very intelligent design for identifying & eradicating toxins, foreign bodies and disease cells like cancer. A major part of the immune system is the lymphatic system.

The human lymphatic system is like blood vessels and arteries, it’s all throughout your body, but it has no pump like the heart. It works by moving toxins along it’s length through body movements – up and down motions are best.

As people walk they may have a little bounce in their step. When they run the bouncing motion increases. When you bounce on a trampoline your getting the full benefit of a lymphatic system cleanse.

The lymphatic system is like a series of sacks combined to form a one way channel for liquids. When the body moves vertically the sack’s valves open allowing the fluid to flow from one sack to the next.

According to Wikipedia, “The lymphatic system has three interrelated functions. It is responsible for the removal of interstitial (waste) fluid from tissues. It absorbs and transports fatty acids and fats as chyle (mixed fats) to the circulatory system. The last function of the lymphatic system is the transport of immune cells to and from the lymph nodes.”
In 1975, Victor Green patented the small trampoline and soon afterward it was named a rebounder. If rebounders seem familiar, it may be due to the long history of rebounding.

Albert Einstein’s new theory of gravity, published in 1911, finds that the human body can’t tell the difference between gravity, acceleration and deceleration. That means, as you bounce up and down you increase and decrease the gravity on your entire body, which exercises your body.

Bouncing is also a motion which is aligned with gravity, so you get a more efficient exercise than running.

“NASA studies have shown that rebounders provide a 68% more efficient exercise than jogging or treadmills, and they’re safer.”, says Irene Zaff, a retired nurse, avid rebounder and entrepreneur who has been selling rebounders for over two years.

“A rebounder is a great way to strengthen your legs and core. Mini trampolines are gentle on your bones and joints while they work your muscles. Also, a rebounder workout is so effective as a cardiovascular routine that you’ll immediately notice the benefits.”, as Irene tells me.

All that’s needed is a few minutes of light bouncing where the feet never leave the surface of the rebounder. They’re safe for most seniors and people with disabilities. Rebounding also increases the body’s balance which prevents falls. Athletes use rebounders to increase their agility and work their small muscle group. Advanced rebounding includes aerial exercises, single foot bouncing and flips/somersaults.

Several cities offer rebounder exercise classes in groups with music and coaching. It’s popular with the fast paced crowd, because it offers an affordable, low impact, highly efficient, fun exercise that takes only ten to 15 minutes.

Rebounders are small enough to use in a tiny apartment, they’re quiet, they fold up easily and can be stored under a couch or in a closet.

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