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Colds, Weather Changes and Vitamin C Part 1


Hello, and how are you doing??  My apologies for no newsletter the past two Fridays due to a very bad cold (it’s been years since I spent a day in bed!) and growing pains as our tea business grows.  We’ve hired a new assistant right here in Jackson to come help me every day.  Thanks for your patience!  I’m back now with a short newsletter, and we’ll call it good and be back on schedule.

I wasn’t alone with my terrible cold — nearly everyone we know had something or another.  This month we’ve had  freezing cold and snow, to balmy spring-like days. Is there a connection?  Some people say that drastic/rapid swings in temperature affect health.  So I did a little very interesting research which I’ve provided below.

Far more fun to think about is our wedding anniversary and 33 years of being married to Bob, my best and dearest friend.   We met first, just in passing, really, as college students in Utah.  Ten years later, with a lot of water under the bridge and marriages for both us, we met again where I was working as a temporary secretary at the law firm in Washington D.C. where Bob was employed.  |

We said “I do” 18 months later on what must have been the coldest day of the century.    And I’d do it all again! Oh, yes I would in a heartbeat!  I love you, Bob!

Enjoy today’s article, and especially the interesting info on colds!



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One day in Church back in October, my new friend Monica was clearly in pain, and could barely walk. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me her colon was so impacted that it was causing severe back pain. I told her about the tea. She didn’t think it would help, but another friend at Church endorsed it and encouraged her. They came over together that day and took some home for her to start drinking immediately. Of course, it WORKED, and she’s been drinking it faithfully ever since!

When Monica and I talked last Sunday, she told me that she’s down over 15 pounds, and her cholesterol has dropped significantly. She’s become much more regular, and no more back pain. Her doctor is uber impressed and she, of course, is relieved and thrilled.


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Today’s Article
Colds and Myths:  Does Vitamin C Help?  Do Weather and Temperature Changes Cause Colds?

I’m part of a big club with my cold last week as nearly every one I know this winter has had one. We’ve had some extreme weather changes, from freezing temps for several days, to abrupt swings to the 70’s. Many people say that it’s the changes the cause the colds, the same as in the summer when we’re in and out of air conditioning.

Is it true? Yes … and No.

The changing temperatures themselves do not, but certain viruses are alive and thrive at different temperatures, so it’s that age-old EXPOSURE that matters as much or more than the temperatures. And the changes can weaken the immune system that allows us to become more susceptible to those germs when we do come in contact with them.

Makes sense doesn’t it? All those bugs and viruses just waiting to be activated by the right temperature? And when we see a RANGE of temperatures, we do see a bigger RANGE of illness.

We already know the drill but it’s worth repeating: Wash our hands — again and again! Stay at home with our drippy noses and coughing and sneezing to both rest and protect/respect others. Get adequate rest and nutrition, and

Now about SUMMER colds with the swing between air-conditioned buildings and outdoors?

And what about Vitamin C? I’ll be back on Friday with, as they say, the rest of the story! Until then, have a great week, and know that you are dear and important to us!


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