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Doctors Talk About The Tea

Doctors and Users Share Their Experience

The following testimonials are recorded and documented testimonials and doctors’ advice about My Miracle Tea (Previously called Iaso Tea and Holy Tea)

Dr. Herb Oliver, DMD; Dr. Russ Newman, Lymphologist; Dr. Bridget Bagley, Naturopath, Herbologist

Dr. Oliver:

I do wish that they had not called it a Tea, because it lessens it’s value in the eyes of so many. However, that is what we, the messengers, are for.

As you know, it just happens to be the most exquisite and comprehensive total body, herbal cleanse known to man….it’s not just a tea….it’s a life saver…I start all of my patients out on the Holy Tea (Please note: the tea’s name was changed in 2011 at this site to “MyMiracle Tea with Dr. Miller’s approval and consent) because it is the most important part of the wellness puzzle.

…Not having good bowel management is a death wish…and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand simple and obvious cause and effect…Unfortunately so many of the biggest lessons in life cannot be taught…

Death does start in the colon

A dirty colon equals dirty blood and dirty blood equals a toxic and acidic body…the number one cause of chronic disease and death… On the contrary, life starts in the blood…good, alkaline, clean blood that is associated with a clean colon.”

I am reminded of a poster I had hanging in my office. It was a picture of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. There is an arrow heading straight for its butt. The title of the poster said, “It doesn’t hurt yet”. How appropriate for colon cancer, for example. Hardly ever does one know they have cancer until the doctor tells them to “go home and get your house in order….you’ve got six months”. Cancer is up close to 60% since Nixon declared war on Cancer in 1971.

“When you are up to your neck in alligators, it’s no time to drain the swamp.”

Yes, the cure is in the prevention, not the treatment…Treatment has never cured anything…only our body can do that, …providing it’s not too late. It’s so easy to just drink two cups of tea a day. Yes, you can skip a day here and there after about 6 months, however, it is a lifetime habit one wants to have, because of our toxic environment, taking in parasites daily, along with daily stress, metabolic and dietary acidosis.

Did you know that if you do something everyday for 90 days and your brain, being plastic in nature, will not go back to its previous habit. There are additional major changes that take place in 5 months and then at the 11 month period. This happens to be the same phenomenon in getting wanted results in business and life as well. It is interesting that is how the tea works too. I just recently learned this as I had always been told that it took 21 days for a behavioral change to take place. Perhaps it just gets it start there.

Another plaque on my office wall said: “There is nothing I can do that will overcome what you will not do.”

May 8, 2009 testimonial shared by Dr. Russ Newman, a lymphologist in Mesa Arizona from one of his patients Marlise Kalbees-Cook:

Approximately 6 weeks ago I started taking Iaso Tea daily. I did not change ANY of my normal daily rituals including exercising, vitamins and food intake.

In the first 2 days I lost 5 pounds and had a bit of (not uncomfortable) elimination, then things were back to normal. 3 weeks later I realized that I had more energy, felt happier, was more relaxed and the belly bulge was slightly decreasing in size. 3 more weeks (total of 6 weeks) later, I certainly am happier, have more energy and the belly bulge has decreased a bit more along with some of the fat I was and carrying all over my body.

Previously I had always had a flat stomach, (you know in men it’s the beer belly in women it’s just a big stomach) when the belly started to appear 5 years ago, exercise and diet did nothing to decrease the size.

I was very frustrated and had no idea what to do to decrease its size and it seemed to keep slowly growing. Now I can button and zip my pants and can’t wait to arrive at the next smaller size. Yahoo! I can visually see a slight decrease in body fat all over.

I went to my massage therapist yesterday and she was absolutely amazed that the lactic acid I always had in my back was literally gone; and the deep massaging from my tied up muscles from horseback riding daily was 75% less painful. This is all due to the considerably less toxins in my body. I am so thankful Dr. Russ introduced me to Iaso Tea. My prayer is for my family, friends and friends of friends to all benefit from this miracle herb detoxifier.

More testimonials and comments from Dr. Bridget Bagley, naturopath and herbologist from “Total Life Changes: The Rest of the Story”

Candida and IBS

I have had several things that have made me feel like the tea is a miracle for me. Early on I developed a lot of sore throats which led to candida because I was taking a lot of antibiotics, and that led to having systemic yeast in the bloodstream, and one of the things that the tea gets rid of is candida, not only in the blood (because it purifies the blood) but also if you have chronic yeast infection that is pretty uncomfortable.

The other thing that was amazing for me was I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I didn’t realize it at the time, but one of the things that causes irritable bowel syndrome is candida, and another thing that causes it is eating a lot of processed food and sugars.

As I progressed I started to eat better, but until then I had IBS and that caused a lot of havoc in my life. It actually knocked my electrolytes off, which affected my heart, and that affected also the way I absorbed nutrients.

Before I got on this tea I had a number of things that were going on in my system. I actually went to a couple of gastroenterologists hoping that they could give me some insight into what I could do to get rid of the IBS, and they always said “medication, medication.”

I was kind of reluctant to go on some of the medications. When I read what they did, it sounded worse than what I had! I didn’t want to make things even worse!

When I got introduced to the tea I couldn’t wait to try it. When I read all the directions on it, it said it could get rid of every single thing I had!

I thought, “Well, if it gets rid of half of these things I’ll be happy!” I started drinking Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea a year ago and then I switched over in December to the Iaso Tea. (In 2011 the tea’s name was changed at this site to “MyMiracle Tea”)

I no longer have IBS, I don’t have candida anymore. My body is absorbing food better. I have a lot more energy. My Miracle Tea has been a miracle in my life.

Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diarrhea

I got a phone call this week from a friend of mine who recently started drinking the tea. She suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome really bad, and one of the side effects is diarrhea.

She has been on it for a month now and just called me this past week to tell me her diarrhea is gone. Isn’t that amazing! She wanted to give it a little longer because she’s only been on it for a month. However, I said, “You’ve had diarrhea for years! You should tell everyone about it!”

My friend is still nervous about this because she doesn’t want to give herself more diarrhea. People think that diarrhea is something to be avoided at all costs. That it’s something you are going to have to go through when you are drinking the tea. It’s better to go through it than not to take the tea and to stay with the diarrhea. If we go through it for a while and we come out improved, that’s what we’re after!

Others are still nervous with the thought of getting diarrhea, but diarrhea is a good thing–it means you are detoxing. If the tea is working on that, ultimately it will disappear.

We just have to stick with it long enough to let it happen. We have to be willing to experience whatever it is that our body wants us to go through. This need to take place in order for it to be “fixed up”. Our body will do this the quickest way it can.