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Feature Article: Does A Cup of Tea Reduce Stress?

Hello!  How has your week been?  Have you been watching any of the conventions?  This is a difficult summer for our country …. very stressful.

Tea by the pool

Oh, Donald and Hillary — if there was ever a way to get people to get people to talk loud and get upset, these two win the prize! Even without them, we each have stressful elements of our own that we must choose to manage, or be susceptible to the woes, both physical and emotional, that stress brings.

The English are always pouring a cup of tea at the hint of trouble or turmoil, be it small or large. Does it help? Can we use our tea for managing stress? Today’s article is so interesting!



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About 4 years ago l I got a call from the cutest man with the best New England accent from Salem, New Hampshire. Daniel Driscoll had found the tea online and ordered some for acid reflux. When the shipping address was a pawn shop, I got all giddy. I love pawn shops! It turned out his shop was only 30 minutes from my sister. The next time we visited her, we drove to his shop, met him and he asked if he could set up a box of it on the counter to sell to his customers. As by then it had not only addressed the acid reflux, but some nasty canker sores as well. He was ready to tell the world :0) Of course we were delighted to do so. The next time we went, we actually made a video of his testimonial, and he bought more tea for his shop. When I fell in love with a pretty little diamond ring in one of his display cases, we traded the tea he needed for a sweet little diamond ring that I wear to this day with my wedding band. Does it get more fun than this??? He still sells it in his shop and now even his adorable mom calls for her own orders :0)

Here’s the ring and Daniel’s video about the tea. Thanks, Daniel! You’re a delight!
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Daniel loves our tea so much that he traded tea for a diamond ring!

My Miracle Tea Featured Article

Feature Article: Does Drinking A Cup of Tea Relieve Stress?

Does drinking tea relieve stress?

We’re passionate about PBS and the English historical dramas … Downtown Abbey, Call the Midwife, and several others where the cast at large reaches for a cup of tea as a quick measure of comfort when life gets the least bit tense.

We ourselves know our tea does a great job of managing stress … by simply helping us pass stressful foods (i.e. sugar and alcohol) quickly out of our systems. One of our favorite senior citizens, Dorothy Foot, says that as soon as she started drinking the tea, her husband says she just got “nicer” and made sure she always had plenty on hand.

What do you think? I found this amazing article …

My Miracle Tea Featured Article

Does A Cup of Tea Reduce Stress?

Does a cup of tea reduce stress?A study commissioned by the Direct Line insurance company suggests that a cup of tea reduces stress not just by drinking it but also because of the calming effect of the ritual of putting the kettle on.

The research was conducted by Dr. Malcolm Cross and Rita Michaels, psychologists at the City University London. Cross and Michaels wrote that their intention was to “measure and better understand how effective tea might be for inducing calm during a episode of anxiety” and beyond that they also wanted to explore how the ritual of tea-making affects stress.

In their background information, they referred to literature that suggests drinking tea is associated with positive mood and feelings of relaxation, that its chemical properties have been linked with making the brain more alert and helping people recover from stress, and that it has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

For the study they did two things, one to get some measurements and the other to get some descriptive or qualitative results. In both cases they used the same 42 volunteers (21 men and 21 women). First the volunteers underwent a “before and after” experiment, and then they talked about tea and their experience of it in small focus groups.

For the experiment, Cross and Michaels put the 42 volunteers into two evenly-sized groups: a tea group and a non-tea group, and then asked them to complete two widely used and validated psychological tests, the Spielberger test and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults (STAIA). These assessed each person’s anxiety level at the time (their “state”) as well as his or her general tendency toward anxiety (“trait”).

The participants then completed a stress-inducing mental task that had to be done by a certain time (called the “d2 Test of Attention”). The test involves looking for instances of the letter “d” in a passage of text and then crossing it out or not, depending on marks above and below it.

The stress comes from the short time you have to complete it and also from the fact that the letter “p” (which to the eye looks like a “d” upside down, so it rests on it for a split second) is scattered throughout the text as well, sometimes with marks and sometimes not.

After the stress test, the volunteers in the tea group were given a cup of tea and the volunteers in the non-tea group just had a glass of water. Both groups then completed the anxiety questionnaire again (just the state measure, not the trait one).

The researchers found that:

  • There was no significant difference in anxiety between the two groups before the mental stress task.
  • However, afterwards, the differences were “significant and marked”.
  • The non tea group (that drank only water after the task), showed a 25 percent increase in anxiety level after the task.
  • This compared with a 4 percent decrease in anxiety level in the tea-drinking group.
  • The comments made in the focus group discussions “confirmed that the ritual of making and consuming tea does make an important contribution to the overall effect of mediating stress.”
  • In the focus group and qualitative assessment, participants said they felt more relaxed when having tea, and tended to explain this with a sense of “partition,” where there is an “end” or a “break” from a preceding period of anxiety.
  • One volunteer said that tea created a “chill-out moment,” which helped them “draw a line under” their stressful experience.

The article goes on with quite a bit more information that is quite interesting.
you can read it all HERE ….

For me the takeaway is — YES! We love our own My Miracle Tea! YES! A ritual to help us take a deep breath and provide some time and space is a blessing. YES! It’s good for it to be warm or cold, requiring us to sip slowly and pause from our labors. YES! It’s nice to have a lovely drink, and to enjoy a moment of either solitude to meditate or with a friend to socialize.

Well, with the Republican and Democratic National Convention put away, but 3 long months ahead of us, it’s time to stock up on our tea! You can always add My Miracle Tea it to your favorite herbal flavor (Lemon Zinger anyone?) to spice it up a bit, and …

It’s nice to know that when politics and our own lives become bigger than we are, we can always fix a cup of tea, sit and sip for a bit, then turn it all over to God.

Have a great day!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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