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Dr. Miller Dog Vitamins

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FAQ About The Dog Vitamins:

Q:  How much do they cost?
A:  $24.95 for the kick off! That’s only a nickle a day for little dogs! And 20 cents a day for the big dogs! 120 vitamins will last small dogs over a year.  Compare to the Big Box pet stores and you will see the value — not to mention the superior quality.

Q:  Can we give these to cats?
A:  Absolutely.  Just go by the weight to determine the amount.

Q:  Will my dog/cat eat them?
A:  Yes! Just open the bottle and you can tell. There is no nasty medicine smell.  They are very soft and your dog will eat out of your hand — or toss into the air for him to catch and eat.  You can also crumble it onto their food.

Q:  What are the ingredients?

Q: What’s the shipping cost?
A: Absolutely FREE

Q:  Anyplace to get them other than online?
A:  Yes.  If you live in Jackson, TN, you can visit Dr. Miller at the Hamilton Hills Shopping Center by Asia Garden and get them from him.

Q: What is the free gift?
A:  We will include a FREE 1-week supply of Dr. Miller’s herbal detox tea.  It is excellent for humans, and equally excellent for pets :0)

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