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Dr. Miller’s All Natural Fat Burner

For  Weight Loss, Reducing Cholesterol and Improved Health

This popular product is an all-natural formula that breaks down fat that is trapped in the body and stored in the liver.  When used in combination with the tea, this waste matter is transported safely from the colon for improved health and weight loss.  The five ingredients are also beneficial to your overall health, especially skin and hair!

This is Dr. Miller’s oldest product other than the tea, sold successfully in his clinics in Tennessee for 25 years.  Many weight loss companies have come to him for exclusive rights to this wonderful product.  He retains the rights and we sell it in his packaging.  It is best when used as it was designed:  as a companion product for the tea.  Take 2 fat burners a day:  one in the morning and one at night. With or without a meal is fine.

How It Works:  The foundation of Dr. Miller’s proven formula are two lipotropics:  choline and inositol.  Lipotropic means “fat-loving.”  Therefore lipotropics are materials that turn fat into liquid through the process of homogenization.

In order to do this, lipotropics send signals to the liver that cause it to produce elevated levels of lecithin.  Lecithin thins cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels by making it water soluble. This process also prohibits fats from building up in the liver and strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight disease by stimulating the production of antibodies and other substances which destroy viruses and microbes.

Ingredients:  Choline, Inositol, lecithin, L-Methionine, Phosophatidyl Serine

You can buy Dr. Miller’s Fat Burners alone, or they are also included in the Youthin Weight Loss System prodcut.