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Easter Bunny Fun … Without Sugar!

TGIF and here’s to some fun on April One! Spring seems to finally be here, other than our friend Sharon in Alaska, who ordered more tea over the phone this week.  She reported more snow that morning in Anchorage.  It’s been a long winter for sure!

My daughter Emily sent me a darling “Peep in a Twinkie Car” photo from Pinterest. SO fun to imagine for kids of all ages :0) — including me!  I’m tempted to run out and get the ingredients for a special lunch with friends tomorrow after Church. But I’m helpless about eating the cookie and candy bits, not to mention the frosting-used-for-glue when making these things.  There’s always a healthier way!

peep-carWould we have just as much fun making veggies look like bunnies???

And could it be that just the picture and fun thought of the cute Peeps bunny in a Twinkie car is enough all by itself to tickle us? Do we really NEED to eat or make it for the delightful lift it brings to our spirits?  (Unless, of course, you’re better than I am at avoiding the sugar while you make them!)

I quickly found some healthy bunnies and springtime foods.  You can find lots more fun ideas on Pinterest and Google images!

My sweet Mom, who passed away (at nearly 94) last June, loved Peeps.  I always made sure she had some for Easter!  In fact, during my very last hour with her, (with my sister and our husbands two days before she died)  as we were having the sweetest and last conversation I would have with her in this life, she said, with her eyes closed and in between heavy, slow breaths, “Let’s have some fun! Carolyn — the Peeps you sent at Easter are still there.  Can you pass them around?”

So … there IS a place for them! I did, indeed, enjoy a little Peeps bunny with her.   We truly do get to choose where and when, and how much!

I have a terrible time with “just a little” … so I need powerful reminders like the new-just-this-week article from Time Magazine, “This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Sugar”  included below.

I am hereby committing to one and all that I will enjoy the upcoming weeks to Easter in ways far, far more important than candy!  I will prepare for the true day of Easter in a sweet way that doesn’t include candy.  Easter and Spring are filled with such precious sights, comforts and true joy, that I don’t want candy and sugar to color my moods and body to experience Easter to the fullest. How about you??

Have a wonderful weekend! Please know that you, yourself, are wonderful!  And enjoy the helpful and healthful information below.



We’re Not April Fooling!
This Week’s Weekly Winners For 04-01-2017 Are

Sue Roake: 1 Month Supply
Fred Allen: 2 Week Supply
Kathy Kendall: 2 Week Supply
Gary John: 2 Week Supply


The most fun part of what we do is actually talking to people who’ve been using our herbal detox tea (and now the socks) and hearing about what these products are doing for them.

Kris Purcell, in Las Vegas shares that the tea itself has been wonderful since 2013!!!  She’s also fallen in love with the socks. When she called the other day,  I found out that thanks to the encouragement provided here and at Meridian Magazine, she and her family have also been  extremely blessed by our encouragement to eat the whole-food-plant-based way at  She and her husband eat that way 80% of the time now with health to prove it’s very worthwhile!

Her son, Dr. Joshua K. Purcell, is a chiropractor who specializes in neuropathy and has written a book!  With my new interest in this, I was very excited to learn more. They sent the book to me and my summary of it turned into a wonderful article at Meridian Magazine this week.  The publisher, Scot Proctor, wrote to me yesterday and told me that of the many aritcles published this past week, this article on neuropathy was the #3 most read article of all!

CLICK HERE to read the article and review of  his book and more on how the socks actually work:  Natural Neuropathy Solutions: Four Steps to Reversing Neuropathy Now!


A wonderful tea friend in Idaho, Kerrie Stone, is also very excited about the socks and sharing them.  You need to hear what she’s experiencing.  She says:

“I have been testing the socks with family and friends and am starting to get some testimonials here locally. So far:

1) My dad — helping with his balance
2) My step mom — with her foot pain,
3) Her sister with Rheumatoid Arthritis — her toes were not hurting the first day with the socks),
4) My manager at work has Fibromyalgia and is on her feet a lot at work. Her feet which usually are in so much pain at the end of the day are not hurting and her whole body has less pain.
5) My friend, older lady at Church –has MS. She fell last week. I took her some socks and her balance immediately improved.   She is now able to pick up her feet when walking instead of shuffling.”

All you can say is …. WOW!  Thank you for this exciting info, Kerri!

Today’s Article
What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Sugar

This was printed at Time Magazine.  For me, there is not ONE NEW THING here.  But oh, how I need a reminder that I want to stay sharp and look great, not just for me, but for my loved ones!  And at EASTER when we want our hearts and spirits to be in tune with the Gods great love, sacrifice and the beauty around us. We all know to go easy on the sweet stuff, but what actually happens to your system when you indulge? Here, eight ways sugar affects your body.

Your brain suffers

Fructose—the sugar that naturally occurs in fruit and is a component, with glucose, of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and table sugar—lights up the brain’s reward center, says pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig, MD, of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco. But over time, a diet packed with fructose (especially from HFCS) can make it tougher to learn and remember, animal research suggests. To stay in peak mental shape, try sticking with savory snacks.

You want to eat more

By revving the brain’s reward and appetite center, fructose can interfere with feelings of satiety, research reveals. Translation: That extra cookie may not curb your craving after all.

Skin ages faster

Too much sugar can hinder the repair of collagen, the buzzed-about protein that keeps skin looking plump, studies show. A steady diet of sugary treats can result in reduced elasticity and premature wrinkles. Indulge your sweet tooth with fruit instead. Experts say it’s A-OK to eat two to four servings of the natural sugar source each day.

Excess sugar is stored as fat

Pause before you slip that additional packet into your a.m. coffee. The liver has an innate capacity to metabolize sugar and use it for energy—but only to an extent, explains Dr. Lustig. The fructose that’s left over is converted into fat in the liver, raising your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Your cells pay a steep price

Fructose accelerates the usual oxidation process in our cells, says Dr. Lustig. The result? Proteins, tissues, and organs can become damaged, and our risk of health conditions, including liver disease, kidney failure, and cataracts, rises.

You get hooked

Eating sugar leads to the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes us like something and want more of it. “As dopamine receptor neurons get overstimulated, the number of receptors to bind to decreases, so you’ll need a bigger hit of dopamine to get the same rush,” explains Dr. Lustig.

Stress eating begets stress

Sweets can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the near term, research shows. But continue OD’ing on sugary refined carbs and your risk of insulin resistance, which stresses the body from the inside, goes up. To find your calm, sweat instead: “Exercise is the best treatment for stress. It makes you feel good and reduces cortisol,” says Dr. Lustig.

Energy surges, then bottoms out

Refined carbs, like those in white bread and pasta, quickly cause a rise in glucose in the bloodstream, so you might feel extra energized—for a while. But this short-term fix can actually leave you more sluggish later on (when you eventually crash). Instead, opt for natural protein snacks between meals, such as Greek yogurt with fresh berries or fresh veggies and hummus. They help stabilize blood sugar and keep you going longer.

Well, what an article!   What help!  I can raise my hand and personally acknowedge that each of those are physical truths that I have experienced far too many times in my life.  That’s just how it is.

I am choosing and inviting those who struggle with sugar as I do, to spend the next couple of weeks — peeping into the future — by preparing the sweetest Easter ever.

My plan is more time outside (especially in the evening), getting my flowers in, more time reading the books and scriptures that fill my heart, more time istening to the uplifting music and talks that are so easily available that help us connect with more important LIFE MATTERS  than …. Peeps, Cadbury eggs and chocolate!  YES.  We’ve got this!

Here’s to a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week!


Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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