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Easter Story: Constipation and a Brush with Death

Hi and Happy Easter Weekend!  What will you be doing?

What sweet memories we have of Easter for our family when we were all much younger.  Each Good Friday, we would drive up (3 hours) to the Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster PA for a little get-away and Easter Sunday church with a great congregation that loved to belt the song “Up From The Ground He Arose!”

Good times … Right now we’re getting ready for the children’s Church Easter Egg Hunt at a beautiful farm for Saturday, with Walt Disney perfect weather predicted.  Fun!

Easter is a special time!  I expanded the newsletter article from a couple of weeks ago about my Mom and her Peeps candy for Meridian. You might want to read that HERE, which includes some cute pictures of her …. Very sweet indeed.  And please don’t miss the true Easter message with the “Prince of Peace” videos now at

And for me … NO EASTER CANDY! That feels so nice.  How are you doing with the sugar blitz and rich foods that go with Easter Sunday?  The good thing is, it’s a one-day holiday. When you treat it as such, rather than an excuse to binge for several days before and after, then all is well. For the evening and the day after, there’s nothing quite like the tea to get things moving and keep the cravings in check.  Love it!

Enjoy my newsletter today, announcing our new website, important life-saving information about my friend’s son’s close brush with death, using something he used for constipation, and two amazing stories about nail fungus and the socks.  Easter and miracles are real!


Hippity-Hoppity-Happity — You WON!
This Week’s Weekly Winners For 04-08-2017 Are

Norma Banks: 1 Month Supply
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There is ALWAYS something new to try, and new stories about the tea … and the power socks! This week, I got the following cool email from Annette in Oregon.  She and her  family own a “u-pick” fruit orchard where they grow peaches, apples and pears. They also have honey from their our own bees!  How beautiful Bells Orchard must be in the Spring.   Can we come visit, Annette???? Anyway — here’s what she wrote:

I have used My Miracle Tea off and on for a couple of years and did read the literature provided in the beginning but I noticed something the other day when I was waiting for the water to cool that caught my attention.  It said it could used on skin and I thought “why not try it on nail fungus”!!  Every toe but my big one on my left foot is totally deformed with nail fungus and I have tried many things.  I started rubbing the tea on them-especially the tops of the toenails-everyday about 10 days ago and it is greatly reduced on all but one of the toenails.  I am REALLY IMPRESSED!  And I am going to keep working at it.

In a phone conversation with Gloria, who was ordering more socks, she shared that her son, in his mid-30’s has had a heart transplant.  Lack of stability is one of the ongoing side-effects of that.  They purchased the socks and she was getting excited to show him the push test. As he put them on he said, “I can already sense that these will make a difference!”

How wonderful …. How truly wonderful!


Well, you are the FIRST TO KNOW! is UP!

The tea in capsule form has been used by many of you who serve on church missions — some close to home, and some very far away, with amazing results.  For the going-on ten years we’ve shared the tea, we’ve wanted to share it in a bigger way so more would know about it.  Out our young men and women are often not inclined towards a product that they feel looks like something only  for grandmas and grandpas. And for our LDS friends, the word “tea” may feel like it doesn’t fit in with our health code for not drinking coffee or tea (although it’s an herbal drink that truly does.)

I’ll tell you more details later, but for now, we’re ready to launch and you are the first to officially know about it :0)

Here’s our pretty new websi te:, and our incredible videos about Sister Michaela Proctor, a gorgeous 19-year-old young woman who served a mission in Africa.   See her video HERE, along with videos from our dear friends from My Miracle Tea, Kerrie Stone and Teresa and Dave Halley.

We’re still tweaking the website!  If you see any typos or links that don’t work … please let us know!

We feel like we have our joyful marching orders from Heavenly Father Himself on this incredible aid for missionaries in the US and internationally.   We are so thrilled to share it with you all first:  Hats off to our sons Spencer and Cooper who are taking this on as former missionaries themselves. (London and Brazil)


Today’s Article
Constipation and Epsom Salts

Can constipation be a life or death matter? What a story for Easter!

On Wednesday morning I got a text from a dear friend of 30 years, Mary Ellen.  We had all our babies together.  She’s one of those sister/angel friends that make life so rich.  Her text read

“Kevin almost died.  I’m so grateful he’s OK.  Please call.”

When I called her, she told me that her son Kevin, a 22-year-old college student, had been experiencing constipation.  He must have looked online for some quick fix and read that Epsom Salts were an easy home remedy.

He misread the dosage on the bottle and as a young man who doesn’t cook, perhaps didn’t understand the difference a teaspooon and a tablespoon.

Instead of taking one teaspoon, he took one tablespoon.  He knew very quickly that th ere was something very wrong and immediately ate three large bananas and drank a large amount of water. This was an incredible blessing as he usually doesn’t have that much food/fruit in his dorm room.  He felt very strange and eventually passed out.

When he woke up, he called Poison Control, who advised him that he had taken a lethal dose of it and was very lucky to be alive.  The bananas with the potassium and the water had probably saved his life.

He was very weak for a couple of days, but has fully recovered.

Easter Sunday is especially meaningful for Mary Ellen and their family this year!
And we as well as we learn again and again how we know the Lord is near in unusual ways — like those bananas!

Mary Ellen requested of me, “Tell everyone you know about the dangers of this.  All the Poison Control agents Kevin worked with told me that they are doing all within their power to h ave constipation relief instructions on all Epsom Salts bottles removed.

I made a quick call yesterday to the Tennessee Poison Control Center to confirm all of this, and was told that an overdose of Epsom Salts greatly affects the electrolytes and magnesium balance of the body, and should never be used.  He said that there are other far more helpful products for constipation.

We know that, don’t we????!!!!

The other constipation aid I’d like to highlight again today is the Squatty Potty.  I put this in a newsletter a year or so ago. Several of you purchased it and are thrilled with how this works without taking anything internally! It’s easy to find at

Well, we’re off to finish getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow!

Have a beautiful Easter and please know how much we treasure you and this very special and beautiful time of the year.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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