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Fish Oil/Omega 3 Supplement and Prostate Cancer Update



Fish Oil Supplements and Prostate Cancer — Very Surprising Info From Bob’s MD!

Hello and how is April going along?  Spring is prettier by the day here in Tennessee!

We’re safely back from our road trip to Utah.  It was 23 hours each direction, so two full 12-hour days of driving with a sleepover in between.  We will do it again for the fun and way less stress.  Lots of good listening to great library books on CD and lectures on Youtube! Hooray for time with family and friends both old and new — especially those we met at our tea parties. Many thanks!

Another new friend was Doris at a delightful state-of-the-art McDonalds in St. Joseph, Missouri where we stopped for breakfast.  (The oatmeal is my fave and what I usually choose — morning, noon and night.)  Dr. Miller says, “When you rest, you RUST …” and Doris is proof that he’s right!

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With aging in mind, Bob’s annual physical (he’s turning 67 next month) led to some very surprising information from his doctor about the use of our Omega 3 fish oil supplement. We have been taking this for years for overall heart health. It seemed so wise! And it’s very popular! How it may negatively impact prostate health and increase the possibility of prostate cancer is very surprising, and a little upsetting.  We’ve done some research to learn more and pass along what we’ve learned below.

As a little heads-up — Bob has been taking Dr. Miller’s prostate formula for several years.  After this week’s appointment with a urologist and our research this week, he feels it has helped! If you’re interested in that product after reading the info below, please let us know by email or phone and we’ll check into providing it for you as well.

So here’s to a great weekend, Lori!  We’re looking forward to a Church dinner tonight …although we’ve learned we do best to pretty-much eat a healthy dinner at home before we go and focus on the great company.  And what are your plans?


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Oh, my — we’ve had so many great chats it’s hard to decide which to share!
But Robert Barham, who recently won a 1-month supply, is the one I’ll share today:

His wife Sami has been using the tea for years and shares it wherever she goes.
(Sami actually called recently and asked me for some more gift-pack labels.  I am always happy to provide those, and will even include a couple of freebie tea packages for you to give away.  It’s our best advertising! Just call or email!)

He had been suffering from some intense muscle spasms in his colon that were very painful.  His doctor had him on a strong medication to control those.  The rather distressing and uncomfortable side effect of the drug was a significantly reduced amount of moisture and fluid in the system for regular functioning such as sweat, eye-moisture, salivation and even urinary output.

He got serious about drinking the tea regularly.  And sure enough. The muscle spasms stopped entirely.  It wasn’t long before they experimented with eliminating the amount of the prescription meds, and now he’s absolutely 100% FINE!  No muscle spasms, no meds!

Isn’t that just neat, neat, neat? Thanks for sharing, Robert!

If you’d like to share your story and let me use it here, I’ll be happy to send you two free weeks of tea.  Just send me an email with the details or give me a call at 571-643-9295.


Our BYU team and our sons had approached one of the stores in Orem that helps LDS missionaries get launched about placing the capsules/tea in the store.  As you probably know, it is SO EXCELLENT for travelers and missionaries who reside for an extended time in foreign countries.

GOOD NEWS!  We sat down with them and the tea/capsules will be available at the “Modern Missionary” store in Orem, Utah sometime in the next week or so.  It will be the exact same product as My Miracle Tea, but will go by the name of “Vital Avenue“.  We look forward to it being placed in similar stores soon!

Whether it’s for a short-term holiday, study or business abroad or missionary service, the tea is such an easy road to staying healthy!


Omega 3 Fish Oil:  Friend Or Foe?

Bob’s annual physical was pretty dang wonderful!  Good genes help, but so does exercise and eating as healthfully as possible as often as possible.  God bless and the great diet plan and information there that we have followed at least 85% of the time since learning about it in 2014.  (We gave up dairy nearly 100% in 2010.)

We had been told years ago of the great value of the Omega 3 fish oil supplements for heart health and have been diligent about taking them.

Now for men, an enlarged prostate is part of life as they age.  Careful monitoring prostate health is just part of life for men because prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in mean in the USA.

After Bob’s basic great physical, he did have a special consultation with a urologist who asked if he was taking an Omega 3 supplement.  When he replied in the affirmative, the doctor said …

“You might want to revisit that.  Studies show that omega 3 supplements can lead to a very distinct increase in the likelihood of prostate cancer.”

What?!?!!  We were pretty surprised and wondering (again!) how anyone is supposed to know all these things!

When Bob asked the doctor if diet made a difference, he poo-poohed that, as doctors usually do.  To me, that’s the most surprising thing of all!

But visiting with my friend Leeann, an intensive care hospital nurse here in Jackson who helps Dr. Miller, explained a lot.  She told me that “courses in diet and health are just not part of the medical school curriculum. They can’t teach what they haven’t been taught.

So in many respects, we really DO have to be diligent as we age and do some research and study on our own!

So Bob is listening to this doctor.  He and I have done some looking online.  He has decided to discontinue his fish oil supplement.

But there’s more that can be actively done! Bob has known for a longtime that tomatoes are excellent and eats a lot of them.  So is green tea, and My MIracle Tea more than does its share of hustle in that department!  But there are other foods that are helpful — including PUMPKIN SEEDS and CHIA SEEDS that I have written about recently!

Of course, you must always, always, always consult and work with your own doctor, but it’s clear to us that as we age, we need to be extremely pro-active about being educated for best personal health.

Bob has been taking Dr. Miller’s prostate formula for several years with good results. If you’re interested in that after reading the info below, please let us know with a reply to this email we’ll check into providing it for you as well.

Here are the articles, and always and forever,, and Dr. T Colin Campbell (author of the China Study) and his website:

I subscribe to the newsletters from these websites, and greatly appreciate their work … and recipes!

OK:  Here are the articles that I think have the most relevance to the fish oil question as it relates to prostate cancer:

How to Maintain Prostate Health With Diet and Exercise (Dr. Axe)

Fish Oil: Friend or Foe? (Dr. Howard LeWine)

Should You Consider Taking A Fish Oil Supplement?
(Harvard Medical School)

All in all, Bob and I have decided that although there are benefits to fish oil, it’s not nearly as necessary or helpful as it had seemed when we first learned about it.

More importantly,  men who are taking fish oil supplements may have a significantly increased risk of prostate cancer that needs to be discussed with their doctor!

Bob has been taking Dr. Miller’s prostate formula for several years with good results. If you’re interested in that after reading the info below, please let us know with a reply to this email we’ll check into providing it for you as well.

Another important takeaway: Taking even a handful of supplements is no substitute for the wealth of nutrients you get from eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

As a quick summary, I’ve added the infographic from Dr. Axe’s site that covers it all from a healthy diet and exercise perspective — which, as you know, is always our happy place for health!  Food is medicine, indeed!

Have a great weekend! We love you!

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Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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