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One-minute inspirations to change your thinking, your weight and your life!”
e-Book, 60-minute Audio CD and pocket cards to help you stick with your eating plan!

This is a FREE e-book and set of inspiration weight loss cards that you will be able to download as a PDF.

If you’d like, you can also order the hard copy for $9.95

It will be sent to you in a welcome e-mail shortly after placing your order.


The book includes 101 quotes connect to stories, anecdotes, thoughts and inspirations.


Enjoy over an hour of positive affirmations recorded over beautiful music. (Available only when the hard copy is purchased)

101 Pocket Cards

Also included in this free gift are inspiring quotes that match up to the 101 inspirations.


Lastly, we’ll provide a journal section in the back where you can record your goals, reflections, progress, etc.

Read the inspirations one at a time, or at length whenever you need a pick me up!

The download is FREE when you place any order — even the trial order!

Cost for the hard copy is $9.95 for and can be purchased on the order page.

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