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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And a Book Review….

Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! T’is the luck of the Irish that brings us together, and I am wishing for a wee cup ‘o tea with you today!  I hope things are fine with you in the 2 weeks since our last newsletter.

I’m home from my grand adventures as a full-time Grandma!  Our precious new grandson. Joseph is pictured below, with his big sisters, Pearl, Eliza and Evie, two hours after he was born.  New babies are so miraculous and wonderful that it truly feels like heaven is near!  Bob says this little guy is going to have four mommies LOL.  What a joy our growing families are!


I did have time to do some reading at the airport, etc. and spent time with an amazing book called “Tox-Sick” by the now-in-her-70’s TV actress, Suzanne Somers, who has become a very strong advocate for youth through health.  How she’d love the tea — the world’s best toxin remover, as we all know.

My thoughts are below, as this is a very worthwhile read, and explains why we both NEED and LOVE the tea. Enjoy!

Today’s Article
Book Suggestion:  Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick By Suzanne Somers

When I saw this book at the library, I quickly checked it out … spent 20 minutes at home reading it, then ordered my own copy immediately.  It documents ALL the reasons why the tea is a Godsend for us and our families, whether we’re young with growing families or seniors.

Here’s her power quote:  “The time has come when we are waking up to an alarming truth: We are killing ourselves with the same chemicals we invented to make our lives easier.”  (Dr. Alejandro Junger)

She quickly addresses the truth that many people just do not feel well, from unexplained weight gain, to allergies, to bloating, cramping, skin conditions, etc.  There are far more serious illnesses as well in current times.  We know all this and that it comes from inflammation resulting from toxins.

Where this book is interesting is that it DEFINES these modern day toxins and where they come from in a very clear and simple way.   She then DOCUMENTS them with fascinating, authoritative interviews.


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We are so fortunate to be in direct contact with Dr. Miller and his family who take such good care of us all.  As an important FYI regarding expiration dates on the tea and food in general:

Although there is not an expiration date on any of the tea packages, (nor is it required) we just want you to know that the tea you receive from us is always freshly manufactured within the last 3-4 months.  It comes to us with a Lot number, provided by the Millers, and a manufacuredate, and a BB (stands for Best By) date.

That BB date is FOUR YEARS out!  If any of us needed any more proof of the shelf-life of the tea, this date from the manufacturer is absolutely it.  In fact, Bob was listening to an interesting NPR broadcast about how much food is wasted in the United States because, although no date of expiration is required by the FDA, many food manufacturers INCLUDE it because food tastes better when it is fresher. Here’s the whole article.

It is a quick read and very interesting:  CLICK HERE: or paste in

To reduce food waste for foods that are perfectly safe for consumption, the FDA recommends that companies, if they do want to put a date on things, say “Best if used by” with a date.


Calling the toxins a “threat you can’t see,” she categorizes them into 6 groups:

1) Plastics and Other Chemicals
2) The Low-Fat Food Movement and Processed, Sugar-Filled Foods
3) Toxic Mold
4) The Overuse of Medicine
5) GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
6) EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields and Cell Phones)

Whew, boy.  How I admire people who have the resources to present this important information in a compelling, understandable way.  For anyone who wants to know WHY we gotta got the toxins out …. this is a must read!

For ALL of us who just want to feel better — whether we have time or interest in reading about it or not, we just need to drink the tea and feel a wealth of gratitude for Dr. Miller and a way to easily say goodbye to the toxins that are virtually impossible to avoid.

Well — Enough with the info on sickess … Our BEST HEALTH comes from focusing on HEALTH (not sickness) and all the good and easy things there are to do to create it!  Like the tea, laughter with dear ones, nutritious foods,  appreciation for things that tickle us, and some exercise.

Let’s make the most of those and the happy things around us today while we wait for Spring to really get here!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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