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Help for Babies with Colic and Babies With Constipation

Relief For A Crying, Constipated, and Colicky Baby

How I wish I had had this detox for our own constipated baby — such a colicky baby — back in 1991! Our little son was just miserable for many hours each day. The drops the doctor prescribed were $15 and money down the drain.

After watching other moms use this help for baby colic, I know if I’d had it, his whole infancy would have been different!  It is important to remember that this is a simple herbal product and that nothing in it can harm any individual of any age.

Dr. Miller has been prescribing it for many years for infants with colic, and I have personally chatted with mothers who love what this baby does for both infants and to prevent colds and illnesses in children of all ages!

Testimonials for Help With Colic

Babies Can thrive On The Tea

I had a grandchild who, after she was born, was having constipation problems. It became quite frightening when the medication the doctor had prescribed seem to make things worse. Often it’s a hard thing to recommend something to family, but my daughter did listen to me and she used the tea.

She started out with a teaspoon of the concentrate and gave it to the baby. It took a couple of days to adjust the amount that would work with her. However, she finally started being normal with her movements. The baby was happy–she loved the taste of it!

My daughter remarked that the baby really craved it, so the baby was smarter than we are! Once you let it be a part of your life, you instinctively don’t want to go a day without it. I find that it is an emotional experience–you become very attracted to it emotionally and spiritually.

You really feel like your body is being freed of the toxins that we breathe every day and those we get in our food and in the places that we live, work, and play. The fact that most of us crave sugar is an indicator that we really need the tea.

Heard On a Teleconference call with Dr. Miller

We Wish We Had This Great Product to Help With Colic in Babies Sooner!

When my first son was born, we had to give him infant suppositories to help him have a bowel movement. Sometimes he would go nearly a week, and it did not improve. Needless to say, he was very unhappy and cried and cried.

Was it colic? Whatever it was, we needed this tea. Thank goodness we found it for him by about age 3. He started taking a 1/4 dose and now, at age 5,e goes to the potty for bowel movements a couple of times a day like any normal little boy.

When our next child was born and had the same problems, we knew what to do: My MIracle Tea without a moment’s hesitation is the best help for babies with colic!

Nick Costa, Pennsylvania

Baby So Healthy While I Nursed and Used the Tea!

I needed the tea for my own severe reactions and allergies to the humidity and foilage on a trip to the Washington, D.C. My newborn was nursing at the time, and when I learned that there would be no harmful side effects for her, I went ahead and tried the tea.

I did not give it to her directly, so she got it through my milk. My milk supply was not affected, in fact it was even easier to nurse. In addition, my baby was healthier than ever! My allergies cleared up, and I continued to use the tea even after our holiday was over and we returned home.

Janell Meade, London

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