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Help for Lyme Disease and Parasites


Hello!  Have you had a good week?

It’s been a grand one for us!  On our very first date back in September of 1982, Bob and I discovered our birthdays were two days apart: May 15 and May 17.  As the years went by we added a son on May 19, and a daughter on May 26.  Then later, a son-in-law, on May 14, and two granddaughters on May 3 and May 4!  Here we are celebrating a group birthday party two weeks ago with the family in Utah along with welcoming our new grandson …


Here’s also a snapshot of our great radio broadcast here in Jackson with Dr. Miller!  Read more about this in my “Wow” Section below :0)

I have several dear friends who have been wrestling with Lyme Disease for years. While the tea seems to help, it’s a very challenging thing. I think you’ll be interested in the video below, and the highlights of our good friend Kristen Bowen’s phone call on preventing parasites.

Enjoy and have a great week!



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Chronic Lyme Disease.  Sooo difficult!  Several people I know have had the tic bite and the “bull’s eye.” Others have not, but deal with the diagnosis when the symptoms match up.  It’s an elusive, horrible thing.  One of my friends says that there is indication that it is even passed on to the fetus while pregnant and believes that her children’s battles with Lyme began with her.

I don’t pretend to be an expert, but when I see something that provides relief and a new direction for healing, then I’m a very excited messenger!  I stumbled on this video that if ANYONE you know has Lymes disease …. please pass this on!


Speaking of the socks, we’re adding the “no-shows” for summer that are better and more attractive for sandals than the regular socks. The company is working on summertime wear in flesh-colored socks.  Hopefully by later this summer they will be available.

I have to keep reminding myself that this company and the socks are NEW.  They have not even reached their one-year mark in the public marketplace, with many great things in store!




Dr. Miller is a man of many talents and has actually written and recorded some really great songs! (Did I tell you he was also a professional baseball player before getting his two Masters Degrees and  Doctorate?  His first reason for creating the tea was to help  athletes!)

Our radio broadcast on “Blue Suede Forever,” KOOL-FM 103 here in Jackson, played a couple of them, including “My Dog Is Smarter Than You!”  We then talked about the tea and his new all-natural dog vitamin. I’ll tell you more about that later.  But you can hear and LIKE the broadcast right here!

Click HERE  to see us in action on video replay. 
This is a Facebook page for the radio show.  You’ll need to scroll way down for our episode on Friday, May 12. Look for:

BSF EP53 12MAY2017 Dr. Bill Miller “My Dog is Smarter Than You!”

Today’s Article
“Grandma Wisdom” for Avoiding Parasites

parasitesOur good friend Kristen Bowen in Logan, Utah (you can always get the tea at her store “Living The Good Life Naturally” located at 253 N 100 W, Logan, UT 84321) has done a series of phone conference calls on parasites.

Kristen herself has dealt with them most of her life and tells us that, in fact, WE ALL DO.  (These are her own parasites …. She says “Be Brave! See what you’re passing!”)

I say, “Better in the potty than in your body!”

Kristen calls it “Grandma Wisdom” — things that our grandmas insisted upon for health and hygeine but that often get overlooked in modern life.  These are ways to PREVENT parasites and IMPROVE overall health!

1)  WASH YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES!  Microscopic parasites are often found on the surface of produce purchased anywhere, from organic stores to grocery stores, even from your own garden. Washing fruits and veggies was a very big deal when I was a food service worker for many years in the public school system Fairfax County, Virginia.  Every day we’d wash even the bananas and oranges, knowing that the skins of fruits and veggies may not be as clean as they look, and even handling them could be a health risk.  Wow!

Kristen recommends just filling the sink partially with water, then adding a tablespoon of BRAGG’S APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (with “the mother”) to naturally clean and kill those buggers.

2)  WASH YOUR HANDS!  So often we get so busy, and our hands LOOK clean, so we think they are.  But they need to be washed again and again, and especially under the fingernails where microscopic parasites can hide and thrive.

Kristen says that although the liquid anti-bacterial soap is “prettier” and “less-messy” a good old fashioned BAR SOAP is better. There is actually a skin protection that nature creates for us called the “acid mantle.”  The new antibacterial soaps disrupt that acid mantle and strip some of the all-natural already-in-place barrier that helps keep parasites at bay.

You can read more about the acid mantle in two articles: HERE and HERE

3) CHEW YOUR FOOD THOROUGHLY! Kristen related the story of a woman who had acquired parasites, they figured out, from spinach leaves that had not been washed, and also because she did not thoroughly chew her food!  Those little parasites just entered her digestive system intact on the spinach leaves!

The point is: The more you chew, the more you create “food surfaces” that can be processed by the digestive enzymes that help food get digested and the toxins removed.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?! Big chunks of food do not bode well for digestion, either.  Kristen says to chew until your food is really “mashed” to both prevent parasites and improve digestion.

IMPORTANT!  Kristen uses the tea as a foundational product for both PROTECTING  the body from parasites, and ELIMINATING them.  She says that the body follows “patterns” and the tea creates a pattern of health as  unhealthy foreign matters are removed in a hurry with the properties of the herbs in the tea.  This sets the stage for the body to readily reject more unhealthy germs/toxins/etc.

She explains i t much better than I do — but you don’t need to know how to make a watch to know how to tell the time, do you? I thank Kristen for her research and fountain of knowledge.  I thank YOU for the being willing to listen and share this critical health information!

Have a great week! Know that we are here and that we care!

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