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Help For Neuropathy … And a Chili Recipe!


Hello!  Hope there’s some fun in store for you! Living so far in the south, it’s hard to believe Spring is nearly here, but the daffodils and trees are in full bloom! A’int gonna complain!  Is there sunshine in your forecast??

Our fun for the weekend is the Church Talent Show and Chili cook off tonight.  I’m entering my famous Four-Can-Can Veggie-Chili recipe that gets scraped to the bottom every time.

As far as talent — well — I keep pretending to be a serious business woman,  but the silly part of me is strong and alive!   The three other ladies that I work with in the children’s organization at Church (we call it Primary) have been practicing all week on the Youtube video below for our midget-dance skit.   I’m busy spray-painting white-sneakers, while finishing up this newsletter, so our costumes will be PERFECT.  Too fun and we are feeling pretty swell. LOL. This may be your best laugh of the day! Copy and Paste: https://youtu.be/O6Ow4X8XPuY.

From the great number of socks we’re selling, pain from NEUROPATHY seems to be far more prevalent than I knew.  What is neuropathy? And why don’t regular pain-killers help? I’ve learned a lot over the past month!  I’ve included a bit below and a couple of amazing testimonials. If anyone you know suffers with neuropathy — please share this newsletter today, this info might make a huge difference in their daily lives.



Weekly Winners For 02-24-2017

Pam Larsen: 1 Month Supply
Janice Call: 2 Week Supply
Jane Strong: 2 Week Supply
Becky Holland: 2 Week Supply


Our good friends the Halley’s in Payson Utah found the tea way back in 2011 for help with SPRINGTIME allergies.  Serving as missionaries  in Alabama (though from the very dry climate of Utah) Teresa about went nuts with the foilage and allergies.  Isn’t it amazing that a detox can help with springtime pollen and  the miserable mess of those allergies?

Using it themselves (for diabetes help and overal health as well as allergies) ever since, they shared that their daughter was experiencing severe back pain after the birth of her 2nd child last year.  Teresa says:

She went to some specialists who told her she needed vitamin D3 and that her intestines were filled up and she needed to detox.  I immediately gave her the tea which she took for 2 weeks along with some special exercises. After 2 weeks she wasn’t in pain and felt considerably lighter in stomach area. Another great proof of the tea’s success!”



Power Socks Updates on Laundering and Durability: We’ve added a size chart on the order page, and learned that the socks are fully machine washable and the special technology in them is good for 100 machine washings!

NEUROPATHY AND GOOD NEWS: Really good news:  While I’m thrilled with the testimonials from the Voxxlife socks people, I’m more thrilled with the ones that come direct to us from our own tea and socks friends.

I’ve had TWO fantastic testimonials on the socks this week.  Being that they’ve only been available for barely a month (meaning that no one in our group has had them for very long,)

1)  Rachel who bought the socks for her husband, a Type I diabetic for 45 years says,

“I happened on your article in Meridian Magazine.  (CLICK HERE FOR “TRY SOMETHING NEW”) I feel llike I was directed there by God.  He gets these terrible shooting pains in his feet and legs.  He never complains, but I got him the socks for Valentines Day as a little gift with a hope and a prayer that they would help.  Amazingly, he hasn’t had any pain in his feet since he started using these sock liners!  What an incredible, and unexpected blessing they are!”

She quickly ordered 3 more pairs, and that’s so thrilling for us.  I kind of want to cry when I hear about the results these socks are brining!

2) Sherry called to say that thanks to the socks, which she is wearing to bed, she is SLEEPING so much better!  Also a diabetic, her neuropathy was especially troubling at night, with the burning and tingling. She says it is “really, really improved! ”  What an amazing thing … for our power socks to provide this kind of relief!

What is neuropathy?  Though I’ve known people with it — and my own Mom suffered terribly after a bad bought of shingles — I’ve learned that neuropathy (also called neuralgia) is a pain entirely different than a cut or wound.

There are TWO types of Pain:

Nociceptive Pain

This is the type of pain that all people have had at some point. It is caused by actual, or potential, damage to tissues. For example, a cut, a burn, an injury, pressure or force from outside the body, or pressure from inside the body (for example, from a tumour) can all cause nociceptive pain. The reason we feel pain in these situations is because tiny nerve endings become activated or damaged by the injury, and this sends pain messages to the brain via nerves.

Nociceptive pain tends to be sharp or aching. It also tends to be eased well by traditional painkillers such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatory painkillers, codeine and morphine.

Neuropathic pain

This type of pain is caused by a problem with one or more nerves themselves.  The function of the nerve is affected in a way that sends pain messages to the brain.  It is often described as burning, stabbing, shooting, aching or like an electric shock.

Neuropathic pain (called neuropathy or neuralgia) is caused when the nerves of your peripheral nervous system transmit messages between your central nervous system — your brain and spinal cord — and the rest of your body. … Peripheral neuropathy, which is often simply referred to as “neuropathy,” is a condition that occurs when your peripheral nerves become damaged or disrupted.

Taking prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers does not really address neuropathy.

So it makes perfect sense that neuropathy would respond and be aided by the SOCKS!  HERE’S WHY:

The receptors in the feet (which respond to the socks when they are on) communicate with the somatic sensory receptors that provide position, touch, pressure, pain and temperature sensations to the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).  The PNS then communicates with the Brain stem and central nervous system.

I’m not a scientist, but the SOCKS intiate a pyramid of communcation that starts at the feet, goes through the peripheral nervous system up the brain stem to the central nervous system. This communicates right frm the head back on down to the motor division and the legs and feet!

Isn’t that brilliant?

Who suffers with neuropathy? While there are many ways, including a traumatic injury, an infection, medications and systemic diseases, diabetes is a leading cause.  Certain cancers and hormonal imbalances and vascular (blood flow) is hindered by blood clots or blood vessel disorders also causing neuropathy.

ORDER SOCKS NOW  And you’ll also get a free 1 week supply of tea with each pair of socks ordered.

Today’s Article
Carolyn’s Famous 4 Can-Can Veggie Chili
chiliIn my old days as a Weight Watcher leader, I sometimes brought a big crock pot of this into my meetings, and everyone had a taste.  It included ground lean beef then, but no more.  We just add an extra can of beans instead of meat.

I usually double, or even triple this recipe, but there’s still never much left-over, even though the left-overs taste even BETTER.

This is a special favorite of guys, young and old.  It was called Becky’s chili then … but now …. it’s
Carolyn’s Award Winning 4-Can-Can Chili!

I’ve given out the recipe more times than I can count, especially to our young missionaries who have dinner with us and are learning how to cook.

1 can dark red kidney beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce (8 oz.)
1 can corn

1 large, coarsely chopped onion.
1 Pkg. mild taco or chili seasoning mix.

DRAIN the corn and the kidney beans.  Combine everything in a crockpot and let it cook on low 4-6 hours, or hi at least 4.

The secret is the crock-pot and letting it cool long enough.

Serve with all the chili fixin’s — chopped onion, grated cheese, sour cream, crackers, etc.  Or all by itself.

THE BEST! Have a fun weekend

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