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Help For Hemorrhoids, Wounds, Cold Sores and Eye Bags

Hello and I hope you’ve had a good week!

Our exciting news is that I’m on my way to Utah on Saturday afternoon to be a full-time Grandma next week for three  cute little granddaughters: Pearl below, turning 2 in April, Eliza turning 4 in May and Evie turning 6 in June, as their Mom (our daughter Emily) delivers their new baby brother. (It’s a scheduled induction as she’s always so slow to go into labor on her own.)

Bob and our team will still be here to take care of all your orders for socks and tea, so no worries there!  We’re VERY excited.  I delivered four babies, and one of the worst things afterwards was both the constipation and the hemorrhoids.

Now the tea we know helps with constipation, but hemorrhoids?  Under eye-bags?  As a skin and hair conditioner???? You bet! Read on!

Today’s Article
Beau-Tea Tips, TLC for Wounds, Rashes, Cold Sores, Hemorrhoids & More 

After hearing about using the tea on wounds, we tried it when my Mom was with us. Senior citizens often have such thin skin, and she’d gashed her wrist on the corner of a dresser.  Every several hours, we’d apply some tea concentrate (on a cotton ball) and it was AMAZING to see how quickly it healed!

It’s also EXCELLENT for rashes, and it occurs to me, with a new grandbaby coming, that this would be very helpful for diaper rash!

Debra Lanza wrote in that she makes a paste, kind of like an old fashioned poultice, with tea leaves and Vaseline.  She applies it directly to blemishes or sores.  It reminded me of my sister’s experiences with cold sores.

She used to get awful ones on the edge of her nose that would go deep into her nostrils. Now, when she sees one coming, she applies cotton balls soaked in the concentrate.  At night she packs her nose with them, and the cold sores do not develop!  They are stopped dead in their tracks.  Isn’t that something?


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I got a fascinating email a couple of weeks ago from a darling gal who had purchased the tea a couple of years ago. The little packages had sat in her cupboard, and she’d quite forgotten about it. When she found it, she got excited all over again! She brewed it up and had an impression to break open the bags, and drink the little herb particles along with the tea.

She lost 7 pounds in less than a week, and was thrilled with her results, and is continuing on (OF COURSE!) with the tea.

This conversation is wonderful for me in a couple of ways:

1) The shelf life of the tea is GOOD for several years. I’ve always known this, but I love it when people confirm it like this!

2) In all my conversations through the years, even with Dr. Miller, I’ve never had ANYONE mention consuming the tea leaf particles along with the tea. It makes perfect sense for it to be even stronger … immediately!

While we always recommend drying out the used tea leaves and putting them in soups, salads, veggies, etc. … why NOT just take them right along with the tea? They are no different than … a tiny vegetable! What a GREAT idea to make the tea stronger from the beginning!


We’re getting such cool stories about the power socks and have decided that for the time being, we will continue to send a free Pkg of TEA with each pair ordered, up to 4 packages of tea.  I’ll share some of those stories in my next newsletter!

ORDER SOCKS NOW  And you’ll also get a free 1 week supply of tea with each pair of socks ordered

Another friend told me that he tucks used tea bags right into his bottom at night on inflamed hemorrhoids …. ahhhh!  Blissful relief and help for the inflammation and swelling.  He wakes up feeling much better in the morning!

Sandy added another beau-tea tip to her overall love for the tea: “It’s good to lay the used teabags on your eyes to get rid of the bags underneath!”

Dr. Miller has told me about a popular beautician in town who uses the tea as a special conditioning rinse after shampooing her client’s hair.  She adds a bit of tea concentrate to her favorite cream rinse!

On that same note, the tea is EXCELLENT as an astringent on your skin!

Isn’t it amazing????  As I meet with Dr. Miller and hear from you, it seems there’s no end to the lovely things that come from the tea.

That’s enough for now! I’ll be back on March 18. No worries about getting your tea or socks, though, as Bob and our tea are right here sending out orders every day.

We love you and have a good two weeks!


Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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