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History of This Unique Tea

Meet Dr. Bill Miller, The Formulator

Dr. Bill W. Miller, BS, MS, Ph.D in Nutritional Science, knew he was destined for something interesting at the age of 18.

He earned his B.S., M.S., DP., and PhD degrees and has been perfecting this Miracle Tea, and other wonderful products for over 20 years. A tireless researcher and a true humanitarian, Dr. Miller has devoted decades of his life to developing and testing herbal health products which relieve suffering and improve the quality of life.

Like the old-time country doctors in his home area of Tennessee, Bill Miller is a “hands-on” kind of healer who has worked with thousands of clients in his two clinics and has seen the amazing results of his herbal formulations and his caring professional advice


He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the accredited Lambuth University. Shortly thereafter, he began a quest in achieving personal optimum health and fitness. He founded and operated two prominent and successful health and Fitness Centers in the West Tennessee area.

One of these centers was the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States! He personally trained and produced several acclaimed State, National, and World Champion Professional Arm Wrestlers and Bodybuilders.

Still not satisfied with the impact he had made on societal health, he began the complicated task of formulating a tea based beverage that would help individuals lose weight in a fast, healthy, yet radical way.

To start this colossal formulation and research process, he founded the Jackson Health & Wellness Clinic, where he painstakingly and tirelessly formulated My Miracle Tea’s ingredients and began testing on volunteer individuals.

This remarkable tea formulation, and its overall health benefits to the body, was the topics of his final thesis that earned him a Doctorate of Philosophy and Nutritional Science in 1994.

Dr. Miller has achieved success par excellence, as anyone within his circle of influence will testify. This does include thousands of satisfied customers. He is the author of the Epitome of Total Health and The Sense of Well Being.

Over the last ten years, Dr. Miller has focused on constantly refining his processes and reducing the expensive ingredient costs of the tea. This enables mass production and distribution to the general public.

We are joined by a select few individuals to market this amazing product. We are also supported by thousands of testimonials. Bob and Carolyn are excited to introduce Dr. Miller’s health tea and its unsurpassed health benefits to millions of new customers worldwide.

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