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How To Maximize Results

Get The Best Results From The Tea

Eat Smart

A healthy diet limited in refined carbohydrates, white flour, and sugars. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable while limiting dairy and meat products.

I recommend reading “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Even moderate adherence to their suggestions pay big dividends and maximize the effectiveness of the tea.

Drink Water

It goes without saying that when we’re scrubbing something dirty, we need water to rise, rinse, rinse the loose stuff that may be getting un-stuck from the colon walls.


Like the agitation of a washing machine that loosens dirt, exercising will help assist to clear out the loosening matter in your colon.

Breath Deeply — Oxygen Therapy

As we take a close look, those that the tea has worked best for have teamed it up with a deep breathing regime several times a day. Stand tall. Breathe in through your nose, with mouth closed.

Deep, Deeper, Deepest. Be noisy, so your nostrils compress. Then exhale. You should be pushing it out like a good belly laugh. Then repeat.

Understand Parasites

The tea may help if you are looking for a relief for parasites. You may want to seriously consider choosing a couple of days for drinking the straight tea concentrate.

You may want to consider doing this during the full moon cycle as studies have shown this is when parasites are most active, coming out from between the creases and folds of the colon, allowing the tea to have more contact.

It is important to remember that like all living things, the parasites have a life cycle. While the tea may kill those that are fully developed, there are eggs that have not hatched that will need to be addressed several weeks down the road. This is the reason for continuing with the tea!

For some people it may take several months or longer to clean things out with these nasty bugs.

Listen to your body! You May Need More or Less Than The Recommended 2 Cups Per Day. Remember, the tea cannot make you sick. There is nothing in it that can harm you in any way.

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