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Hello!  Where did the week go?  I hope it was a good one for you!

As for us, our baby robins have hatched and our day lilies are in full bloom!!!!! Our new grandson, Joseph is 7-weeks-old and the “smiley-est baby you’ve ever seen!” our daughter reports. We’re headed to Utah next week for his special baby blessing and to spend some time with all our growing family there. With our travel, there will be no newsletter next week.

Another highlight: Dr. Miller is not only our wonderful herbalist and healer, he’s also a musician and songwriter.  He has managed singers and is quite the encyclopedia of country and local rock-a-billy music.  He’s truly a “renaissance man” of many talents and interests.

He’s been invited to be on a local morning live radio talk show called “Blue Suede Forever” to play some of his recordings.  Bob and I went to scope it all out from where it’s broadcast each morning from a little stage at the  “The Old Country Store.”  This is the ACTUAL restaurant/shop that the current popular Cracker Barrel restaurants are modeled after and a very popular local place for dining and shopping.

And you can actually hear much of the music at Dr. Miller’s website:  You rock, Dr. Miller!  We love you!

Another of my articles has been printed in the “Senior Review” magazine, and I thought you might like to read it. We all have stress and my article “To LIFE!”   includes five great mantras to stop stress-eating dead in its tracks.   Enjoy!



To Life and To YOU!
This Week’s Weekly Winners For 04-28-2017 Are

Dave Jensen: 1 Month Supply
Brenda Brost: 2 Week Supply
Ronda Knowlton: 2 Week Supply
JoAnn Jones: 2 Week Supply


I’ve received phone calls this week from two moms.  One, whose 9-year-old son loves the tea and drank nearly a full quart of CONCENTRATE on his own from the fridge.  She was worried that it might cause some problems.  Another mom called with a 2-year-old with constipation problems, and wondering about amounts.  The tea wasn’t working all that well, but she didn’t want to give her too much.

The answer is, that there is NOTHING in the tea that can cause any long or short-term harm, for anyone of any age.  An overdose might keep you in the bathroom for a while and some stomach cramps, but nothing serious.  And our constipated little ones — if it’s not working, add a bit more until it does!



Check it out!  TR Vital, the tea in capsule for for missionaries and travelers is now at and will be included in some of the very fun and helpful blogposts and articles from the popular team.

Migraines?  For you or someone you love? Please, please please … you MUST watch this video about the socks.  It is INCREDIBLE!!!!


The man will introduce a lady, Kathy Cantwell,  who is a reflexologist herself and totally astounded with how the socks helped her own chronic migraines!  It is mind-boggling to me how the socks work like “stepping on a keypad that unlocks channels of beneficial nerve management,” says Dr. Sylvia Passfield who is on the team of medical advisors for the socks.

You can also paste in to see it and


Today’s Article
To Life, To Life! Five Ways To Beat Stress Eating
By Carolyn Allen, Printed in “Senior Review” Magazine, April 2017

smiling-ladyDoes the current state of the world, including weather disasters, shooting tragedies and a problematic new United States presidency create stressful feelings for you?

How about the state of your immediate family? Extended family? Or employment?  Financial concerns? Pressing health needs? Anything else?

We’ve all got a lengthy list, and perhaps that’s why so many of us are overweight.

Although genuine happiness, health, peace and joy m ay seem in scant supply, fleeting and difficult to obtain, there is always a steady torrent of genuine problems – and food at the end of our fingertips.

Yes, yes, we know that nutritious choices abound, but it’s the unhealthy foods and quantities that seem to be much more available and appealing when we’re feeling stressed, low and overwhelmed.

Really, can a carrot ever comfort the soul like a piece of cake?

Hmmmm, that’s a question for the ages, even if history documents that untold generations survived just fine without ice cream or doughnuts, modern eating habits, and the health woes these foods and quantities bring,  tells a very different story!

Looking back to when we were infants and small children, being fed often (and frequently when we weren’t even hungry, but experiencing negative emotions) quickly made the world a happier, better place.

Whether we needed it (or even wanted it) or not, our mothers may have provided a sucker or an ice cream cone to quickly dry our tears or cheer us up.

As adults, however, we know that once we are physically full, food has done its job. Our childhood emotional, subconcious programming and natural continuing desire for tasty foods are hard to detach from. Our adult heads know that food never protects or comforts us,  while our hearts remember the comfort that food, (especially something tasty including sugar, fat or salt)  once brought. Even when we weren’t really hungry.

Yes, food and recreational eating has a genuine place in socializing and a joyful life, but it gets taken advantage of (and our bodies do as well) when we allow, expect and turn to it to fill a bigger role than it was ever meant to.

Fact: Food is not medicine.  It is not God.  It is simply … food.  We need truths and fillers! So here are five of each: Five Food Truths:

1.  Emotional hurts and stress will still be there after the food has been eaten.

2.  Eating fills your stomach, but not your heart or your life.

3.  After overeating, there are now three problems:  1) the original problem you ate to run from, b) your physical discomfort, and c) the guilt/frustration and disappointment with yourself in turning to food again.

4.  No matter how much you eat or for how long, the feeelings and reality will always come back.

5.  Food and overeating will never make illness, rejection, sadness, loneliness or fears of any kind go away.

Clearly if there’s a hole or vacuum in life then it’s time to be creative adults and fill it authentically first with something nourishing to eat (if we’re hungry) and then with something nourishing for our heart, mind and life.

Five Food Mantras: Each of the following is a little mantra/prayer we can quietly whisper to ourselves, and each spells out the word life – so that we can bring good things (like a healthy weight) – to life!  It’s fun to print these out and pretend you are Tevye from Fiddler on the roof and say them with a smile and enthusiasm, “To LIFE! To LIFE!”

1. Too much food/stress?  Simplify decisions by doing the next “right” thing, be it finding something healthy to eat or something active to do and

From your
Environment (Carrying your water bottle and having several low-cal freezer meals and salad fixings ready for stressful days helps too)

2.  Regretting a mistake or sadness? Focus upon God, the inspiring beauties of nature or the joy of watching cute children or animals to re-center and remember that
Educate! (Funny … no matter which war or disaster – be it personal or otheriwise,, the sun still rises the next day.  We can too!)

3.  Feeling unloved and depressed? Remember that

Found through
Eating (To have a friend, we must be a friend first, so go do something nice for someone else instead of eating!)

4.  Needing a kick-start?  Get out a picture of a baby or someone you love, or stroke a pet as you


5. Impatient for any number of situations to improve? Take a deep breath, release to the count of 10 as you roll your shoulders.  Repeat twice then

Listen quietly
Faith and

And, because these mantras are 0-calorie and a lot of fun, here’s a Bonus!

6.  Reluctant to exercise?  Turn on some peppy music and

Fitness with

Try dancing to the radio or head out for a quick walk …  for just 10 minutes and see what happens!  Your mood will lift, as will the corners of your mouth! Well, there will always be plenty of problems, and plenty of excuses NOT to eat wisely.

It’s up to us to see the prize ahead and know that today, in its quiet little way, is a great one to embrace LIFE and the choices that make it healthy and happy and fun.

Well, that’s it for today!  We’re off to enjoy friends for an outdoor supper, and the local Farmer’s Market tomorrow — hopefully for plants for the front porch pots and some early homegrown strawberries :0)

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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