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Is It A Scam?

300x300-is-this-a-scamOur feelings won’t be hurt if you’re asking.  We actually had the same thoughts back in 2007  when we first learned about it.  Come on! A simple herbal tea that produced ALL those dramatic health before and after  stories???

So briefly, here is our history and why we can tell you with 100% confidence that it is NOT scams:

The tea  came to us in 2007 through an unknown individual that was cold-calling with  a network marketing  “opportunity.”  Yes, it was really a turn-off that I dismissed, but that gal was persistent!  And … my 85 year old mom was really suffering with all the issues it was said to address.  And it only cost $40 for a month supply to try it out.

We did some research  before finally agreeing that the cost was so low, why not give it a try?  What the heck!  If it didn’t work, we hadn’t lost much.  (Carolyn gives Bob the credit for this — she was too busy laughing at how preposterous it seemed.  Thank goodness for his wisdom and this prompting to go ahead!)

grandma-leeIt turns out the product was absolutely the real deal and a true gift from God.    Mom’s health and constipation improved dramatically within 30 days.  Our own health (we had no big problems, but hey! We’re getting older too and Bob had just started on high blood pressure medication) also improved, and then we started sharing it with family, friends and Carolyn’s online audience that trusted us from our long-term relationships.  From the very moment we introduced it to them, we experienced a flood of orders.  It turns out that many of them are as desperate for constipation relief and help for stomach distress as my Mom.

After trying it, theirown  stories started to pour in.  We now think of that persistent network marketer as an angel.  God Bless You, Sandra Matkin!

At the time, we had no choice but to share it through the MLM network marketing company, so we limped along with that until the golden day came when we met Dr. Miller and hit it off in a huge way with both him and his family.   Several years later he offered the opportunity for us to share it directly from him under our own label.  That was back in 2010.  We named it “My Miracle Tea”, and hired a designer for the pretty labels, and did the consulting with the FDA and Commonwealth of Viriginia that was required for sharing a food product.  And left the network marketing companies behind ….

How grateful we, and countless thousands are for the blessing of sharing this marvelous product!  Thank you Dr. Miller and Janice, Miranda and Billy!

Thanks to them, we now offer it to you as a simple retail product that you buy.  Period.  While network marketing companies have their place for many, they are not “our style”.  Your product comes to you with no MLM shenanigans, no sitting at a warehouse, and no “opportunity.”

Yes, we do have distributors and health professionals who provide it for their businesses and patients, and if that is of interest, please give us a call!

While our career paths had been going along, it seems that God had a different plan than we ever imagined.  After private labeling in 2011 and launching it as “My Miracle Tea’, our sharing opportunities have grown and grown.  Bob left his own successful small businessman in Washington DC doing specialty work for the Federal Communications Commission to be our Operations Manager, while Carolyn continued with the writing, marketing and as webmaster.

In 2015, we left our lifetime home in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC., to move to Jackson, Tennessee.  Now Dr. Miller, wonderful-wonderful-wonderful Dr. Miller is within a 10 minute drive! We see him and his family (who run their entire busines0 often.

We drive over to Dr. Miller’s facility several times each week to pick up fresh product for you and our distributors.  It is guaranteed fresh and authentic.  Their family owned and operated business is set up into the next generation …. and so is ours!  We’re here for you now, and will be for countless years to come!

What The Skeptics Have To Say:
Lousy Name, Great Tea”
by Mitch Drake — a Reluctant User

Well, I didn’t name it. When a friend recommended it, the name put me off. Come on, that’s a little pretentious, isn’t it? A bit too New Agey. Or maybe they’re appealing to people who like the idea of being, or appearing, holier than they currently are.

I also immediately assumed that it was Yet Another MLM. Another multi-level marketing scheme—or should I say scam—where the real money comes from signing up a “downline” and the product is incidental; simply a hook to attract more people to sign up.

My friend, who had heard my skepticism before about other things in life, was undaunted. He sent me two tea bags at no cost and told me to try them for one week.

Okay, I had nothing to lose. I followed the directions, made the tea, and put it in the fridge. For the next week I followed the protocol and drank 8 ounces every morning and 8 ounces every evening. I thought the taste might be awful but it didn’t bother me a bit. In fact I grew to like it. Quite a bit, actually.

At the end of a week I seemed to have more energy and more clarity, more sharpness of mind. (Actually I started noticing this after a few days, but after a week there was absolutely no doubt.) I realized that this could be attributed to anything and wasn’t necessarily connected to the tea. Since I’d stopped drinking the tea because I’d run out, I didn’t bother ordering any more.

Two days later I noticed my energy level had dropped. And my mental clarity just wasn’t quite as sharp as it had been. Could it have been the tea?

There was only one way to find out. I ordered more tea. At just under $50 for a one month supply, that didn’t seem like a bad idea. Granted, I didn’t really want to spend $40 on anything that wasn’t really necessary—I don’t have that kind of money to throw around—and my wife assured me that it was a waste of money. Just another item to add to my “quack pharmacy”, as my daughter has called it. But $40 for something that could really make an obvious difference? That was cheap compared to just about every other vitamin/supplement/nostrum I’ve ever seen.

So I got a full month’s worth. And within a few days of starting up again, my energy level and increased mental clarity was back. I became a believer. Based on my own direct experience.

I’m still signed up. Yes, is sold both as a retail product and as ld as part of an MLM system. Take your pick. But there aren’t many levels and it seems very different than all the others I’ve encountered over the years (but never really taken part in because I never had the interest or commitment). I’ve never understood—nor wanted to understand—the complexities of MLMs. They always reminded me of a shell game, or a very complex Ponzi scheme.

What really impressed me is this. I’ve always thought about MLMs: If your product is so good, why don’t you just sell it on the open market? That is, let people buy the product on its own without requiring them to sign on to a whole upline/downline monthly quota system. I was pleased to discover that Dr. Miller’s Tea is now available that way as well. Anyone who wants to can just buy it online. Without joining the club or getting involved in marketing.

The kicker is, once you’ve tried it, you’ll realize it really does make more sense to join the Total Life Changes team.  You can save some money on your own supply and maybe make a few (may a lot of) bucks on the side. I won’t explain how the club works, but you’re into the whole MLM thing, you can read all about it HERE.

So that’s my experience to date. Great product, very reasonably priced, and simple to buy online. What else could you ask for?

Besides a different name. Not bad.)

And before you send me nasty email, yes, I understand there are undoubtedly people out there who like the name.

Regardless of the name, it cleanses the body (apparently almost everywhere), helps with weight loss, improves mental functions, helps with skin and nerve disorders, and is just an all round Really Neat Thing. I like it because it helps me feel and think better.

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