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Kudzu: An Amazing Plant For Health



Articles:  From Inflammation to Anxiety to Preventing Grey Hair:  Presenting the Amazing Kudzu Plant!

Happy June!   Have you had a good week? We are still in Utah meeting with friends, family and business partners. With all that’s going on for us, the next newsletter will come out on Monday next week as well.

“June is bustin’ out all over!”  goes the song, and there are so many amazing flowers and gardens here in Utah. In my next life, I’d love to be a full-time master gardener.  I  had to share this rose from Bob’s sister’s garden.  The bush is 6 feet high with many large blooms which smell as fabulous as they look … and these allium are 3 feet tall and in perfect bloom at the LDS Jordan River Temple. They are as big as a head of lettuce and look like they should be in another world, don’t you think?

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Today’s article features another amazing creation from our wonderful Heavenly Father:  the Kudzu plant which is one of the ingredients for our Settle Down.  It grows prolifically in our home state of Tennessee where it’s considered to be quite the pest.  So we’re delighted it has some redeeming values to share with you now. Including prevention of grey hair!!!  Enjoy today’s newsletter!


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We’ll be meeting with Dr. Maria, the formulator of our Settle Down, on Thursday in Greeley, Colorado on our return drive to Tennessee.  If you have any questions for her, be sure to send me an email and I will ask her directly! Such a neat, neat lady and we can’t wait to spend some time with her at her clinic.

We’re meeting with some very interesting people and businesses here in Utah as we expand our business.  If you know of a store or health professional that might be interested in sharing the tea, the socks, or Settle Down, we’d love it if you’d let us know, and make sure we thank you properly!

I expanded my article last week “What’s Not Taught In Medical School” into a longer feature article for Meridian Magazine.  It was published this morning and you can read it HERE with more documentation and a very fascinating story of a man who lost 50 pounds and got off his medication after a very serious heart attack.

Or paste in:


Kudzu:  The Plant That Ate The South

Speaking of amazing plants, if you were to come to visit us in Tennessee in mid-summer, you’d be asking about the dense, dark green foliage with very large leaves that grows everywhere.  Kudzu has a way of climbing and covering poles, trees, fences and even buildings.

Called “The Plant That Ate The South” and considered a pesky nuisance, it was first brought to the United States from Japan as a means of managing land erosion.  Perhaps it works for that, but no one intended for it to take over as it has.  It must be next to impossible to get rid of because it is so prolific in forested areas along the highways.

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So we were very surprised when we saw it listed as an ingredient for our new Settle Down!  Apparently, it can also be eaten as a veggie, with the roots.

In reading up about it, we learned it’s been used for thousands of years in Asia, which is to be expected as we know that’s where it was imported from.

Among the most common uses of the herb are to treat inflammation, high blood pressure, alcoholism, and menopause symptoms.

This didn’t really connect for me as “Settle Down” is primarily for anxiety, restlessness and focus, although several articles mentioned that health benefits for Kudzu are still being explored.

So I called Dr. Maria for more information.  She got right back to me with the following:

“Kudzu is good for ‘ruminating’ looping, addictive OCD thought patterns …. and looping thoughts that keep you feeling anxious.”

Well, this makes TOTAL sense as it’s those crazy looping thoughts that keep us awake and our minds on-the-go, even during the day.

It has such a wide range of benefits, including help for INFLAMMATION, and even as a preventive measure for grey hair.  (So I wish I’d known about that a long time ago, LOL.)

You can read the whole “Health Benefits From Kudzu” article HERE,

The really amazing part of the Settle Down formula to me is that there is such a small amount of each herb in each capsule.  We are finding just one of these little capsules does the trick for sleeping SO MUCH BETTER at night.

Dr. Maria has confirmed that it is the synergistic effect of the various ingredients that are the secret to the delivery of the lovely benefits that we are enjoying so much from Settle Down. Not one of them alone could do what they do together.

Well, I’m off to get ready for a sweet little granddaughter’s birthday play day here at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

We hope your day and week will be fun too!  Look for us next Monday.  And if you have questions for Dr. Maria, be sure to send me an email for our meeting with her on Thursday!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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