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LDS Testimonials for My Miracle Tea

Our LDS Friends have been particularly excited about this herbal drink and the easy-to-use capsules. Since 2008, we have literally thousands of customers of all ages, including worldwide missionaries, who turn to this Word of Wisdom based herbal product for help with stomach distress, irregularity and health issues associated with traveling and living in foreign countries as missionaries.

This product is a family affair! I started using this in June 2011 after learning about it on Meridan. I feel so much better generally. Your body functions at it’s best and you can really tell when you go without it.  My grown children love it too, and somebody’s always saying, “Mom?  Do you have some of that drink?”  I’m on autoship so I never run out.
It’s also excellent for special occasions when you indulge a bit!  Our fifth son (all missionaries!) recently completed his mission in New York City.  We celebrated with a big family trip right back to that great city where he had served.  It’s SOOOO reassuring to be able to enjoy all the special things for a family reunion to the fullest, (including all the wonderful foods) and the extras that go with traveling, all the while knowing that you have a quick and effective way of returning to When the holiday’s over, you drink this for a day or so and almost immediately you’re back to feeling like yourself again with no weight gain. That’s just what this does.  It helps you feel your best.  We love it!”  Sherri Scoffield, Fresno, California.

Jerry & Mary Lou Nordstrom, Troutdale, Oregon Missionaries in Bulgaria Help for Regularity and as a Missionary Digestive Aid We have been using the tea since 2008 (learning about it through Meridian) and loving it for regularity issues. We were called to serve an 18-month mission in Bulgaria. Ohhh, did it ever provide bonus help with the stomach issues we watched many of the other missionaries, both the young ones and the seniors, struggle with. Now we’re home, and still use and share it constantly. Thank you, Meridian!
Lynda Cramer and Robyn Cramer, Rocklin, California: Amazing Help With Crohn’s Disease Our daughter Robyn was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as a high school student. There were extended periods when she was so ill that we didn’t know how she’d ever graduate, let alone leave for college.

We worked with our doctors, of course, but we were absolutely desperate for any kind of ideas or help that might make a bigger difference. When the tea came along through a Meridian article a couple of years ago, we tried it. What could it hurt? To our great surprise, it was really helpful! And it was so much more affordable than the other things we were doing. (A one month supply of one of the prescriptions our doctor recommended was $287! We left it at the counter, grateful that the tea had already greatly reduced the most difficult symptoms.)
The most important thing was that with the tea, she acquired the strength to feel well enough to get moving and exercise. This helped enormously. Because of that progress, she was able to graduate from high school and then left home to go to BYU-Idaho, where she is currently a student. During her first semester she was not diligent in taking care of herself. She came home very sick, but once she was back to drinking the tea and taking her meds, she recovered. Now she knows she must take care of herself and is doing much better. She’s still on medication and under a doctor’s supervision, but as long as she drinks the tea several times a week, she is so much better, stronger and able to eat the things (especially fruit) she needs to be healthy. We are so grateful for this product! It has made a huge difference in her life!

Robert Allen, Springfield, Virginia Parasite Help for Missionary Son Serving in Brazil We have become acquainted with Elders and Sisters who come home from South America with many stomach and digestive issues. When our son Cooper was called to serve in Brazil, he had already been using the tea to help with acne. As we shared the stories we know of Elders who had become extremely ill, and then recovered with the tea and were literally able to continue their missions (rather than coming home) once they drank it regularly, he was more than willing to take it and use it. Now he has just “humped” (March 14, 2013) and has not had a single sick day while serving!

Christy Rees, Coalville, Utah : No More Back Pain and A Blessing For Constipated Babies
I am new to the tea and just loving it! I used to have pain in my lower back especially when sleeping. After drinking this tea for about a couple of weeks no more pain. It is amazing.My brother in law brought me my one year old niece to take care of a few days ago and said she has been cranky because it is so painful to move her little bowels. I immediately thought of the tea so I gave her some in a cup. (It has a very mild, agreeable flavor and can be mixed with anything.) A few hours later, she was able to go.  Its so hard to see babies suffer!  To know that there is something out there that can help them with this a huge blessing. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful product on Meridian.

Bill & Linda Johnson, Walla Walla Washington Currently Serving As Missionaries in Bolivia Help for Regularity Our prayers were answered through finding this recently on Meridian, and I just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve already noticed a difference–first regular bowel movements I’ve had in several months. I’ll be a lifetime user.

Sharon Beyler, Corona, California: Good-Bye Side Effects from Prescription Meds for Diabetes
I also learned about the tea through Meridian a couple of years ago. I have had to go on Metformin to control diabetes. I have noticed that as long as I drink the tea I do not suffer the side affects of cramping and diarrhea. If I forget to drink my Miracle Tea 2-3 days I will suffer those side affects and am reminded that I forgot!
I also love the tea because it makes me feel great and have energy. Several months ago I had a colonoscopy. Boy, was I was dreading it! I was told to drink the special 1 liter of cleansing liquid until it “came out clean.” I was perfectly clean after only two large glasses, and my colonscopy results were terrific. My doctor and I were so pleased.

Mary Ewing, Sacramento, California: Noticeable Improvement for Age-Related Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes and Asthma In One Month!
I first ordered the tea through the ads here at Meridian in mid-February of 2013. I have had dry eyes and mouth, an “age-related” discomfort that  my doctor says just happens as you age and everything literally dries up!!! Well, this appears to have adjusted itself after starting on the tea!  My asthma appears to be subsiding too. Most of my ailments were digestive and elimination, but overall, I am feeling much better!

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